-- AION.  Fall Equinox 1990

In a place that is quiet, after suitable meditation, perform the Asana.

(Nameless Aeon)

In BLACK silence
Squat in foetal position, head down
Inhaling Power
The Wordless-word-howl erupts
Raise you head and animal-growl:


Be-come the Animal Being

(Mother Aeon)

From a crouch, flow into the ground
Inhaling Power
On your back, lying flat
Part of the GREEN nurturing
 Moan the primal cry:


Be-come the Mother Power

(Father Aeon)

Roll to a sitting position
Inhaling Power
Sitting in the RED aura-fire of Command
Centering the Will
Vibrate into the gut:


Be-come the Father Power

(Son Aeon)

In one motion spring to your feet
Inhaling Power
Projecting the GOLD light
Solar rebirth and renewal
Hands at you sides, take the one step forward
Propelling forth:


Be-come the Son Power

(Daughter Aeon)

From the one step, flow
Into THE dance
Inhaling Power
Spinning the ULTRAVIOLET balance
Generating the sibilant beyond-sound buzzz:


Be-come the Daughter Power

(Silent Aeon)

Dance dies down
The Power Cycle returns to Source
In a different manner
Inhaling Power
Collapse into a Black Hole
Back to the First posture, Foetal squat
But in the CLEAR Tao pool
Finger to lips; BE:



So the centering of the Aeonic Powers in the Body is complete.
Any other visualizations that come to mind should be added.



After a few times, the asana should come easily and be done in one continual motion, a deep inhalation and exhalation for each posture and each Power. The idea is to coordinate "total physical response" of breath, body motion and gesture with sound vibration and mental visualization. It's tricky, but falls into place after a few times. The timing of each interlocking thing is what makes it work. I tried to let this rite emerge over a long time of meditation and practice with virtually no "traditional" Magikal words of power or gestures involved; an attempt at something "new", though those with background in such things will see some not-so-new "connections". I will say, however, that these emerged, unconsciously, from fairly deep strata. Try it and see if it works for you.

All comments welcome!  Love=Will;

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