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 Beginning with the initial Praxis, a number of rites were created by the Inner Council of the H.M.L. as were needed. Of course, the book Maat Magick (Nema, Weisers Publishing) is a must read and it contains many Double Current rites as well. What follows are many of the original Core Rites (bold) as they were transmitted to Soror Andahadna (Nema) and the G.S.S. in the early years of the HML. It should be emphasized that they emerged naturally as needed from the Double-Current via the H.M.L.
Some of these rituals, clearly, are older, but are included because of their proven value in manifesting the Double-Current.

Added to this core group of original rites are a number of newer rites generated by contemporary members of the HML.
All these rites are for EVERYONE who Wills to use them Under Love- no restrictions.

If you want to Enter the Lodge- it is very simple: Doing the HML Initiation Rite automatically places one within the H.M.L.- Then get on our elist ! -93/696  !

Rituals are always being added to the H.M.L.- maybe by you? If you have an appropriate Double Current Ritual, let us know.