Horus Maat



The aim of the Horus/Maat Lodge is to manifest the Double Wanded God-dess. The energies available are the Double Currents of Horus and Maat.

The 93 Current manifests as; The twins Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-paar-Kraat united, the child or center of the Aeon named Heru-ra-ha.

The 696 or Maat Current manifests as; the next age or possibly the last named Aeon. The Daughter to follow the Son. The Balancing of Stars in the future in the name of Truth.

The lodge is freedom, nothing more. Those who work and are comfortable with the 93 Current CAN seek the future Aeon if it be their Will! We have envisioned the future and wish to communicate with others who are serious.

There is a division or two matrixes or Mandalas in the Horus/Maat Lodge, and these should be remembered. They are only what people make of them. But our purpose is Harmony. 2=0.

Those who are not interested in Maat are invited to join with the Lodge anyway since the law is Do What Thou Wilt.

We are accomplishing the Great Work! Analysis and Synthesis.

Feather of Maat


Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law

  Greetings to the Horus/Maat Lodge, present & potential.

It is always time for a new beginning.

The HML was founded upon the Double Current, 93/696:

The Horus Current of revolution and ecstasy, which was heralded through the Eye of Frater Perdurabo and others;

The Maat Current of mystery and mutation, which was heralded through the triangle of Soror Nema, Frater Achad, Frater Belarion and others.

These systems have been found to be excellent springboards from which to leap into your own True Will, a basis for your own individual formulae of magick and it is recommended that all the works of the above writers be studied within this context as well as the works of such authors as C.G.Jung, A.O.Spare, M.Mathers, R.A.Wilson, T.Leary, W.Reich, J. Lilly, K. Grant, Lao-Tzu, Dr.Seuss and any other esotericist living or dead that you happen to enjoy , even H.P.Lovecraft or Abramelin the Mage, entirely as ye will. Or none of the above, which may even be better. For further resources, see the rest of this document (site) or, ideally, consult your own pineal gland.

However, these are merely suggestions. To date members of the Lodge (meaning anyone who wishes to be so known) have published various magazines and pamphlets, held mass get-togethers in person and on the astral and formed a very lose network of correspondence and communication- a VERY lose network. At all times the Lodge is in a state of flux, which is just fine, since evolutionary change is what magick is all about.

There are no degrees, lessons, laws, requirements, or restrictions of any kind in the H.M.L., save Truth. Your suggestions are eagerly invited, the Lodge can go anywhere from here.

As of now there are two types of members, Active (those though are an active part of that lose network) and Inactive (those who chose to not do so); there is no difference, it is up to you. The Inner Council (a flashy way of saying those who started this thing and take some responsibility for it) now take the responsibility for centralizing the Lodge communication with this site.

Feel free to involve other interested parties, there is a suggested initiation ritual in the RITES section that will put you in the Lodge proper wherever you happen to be.

We live to network magically- our goal is the furthering of the emergence of the Universal Mind of Humanity named N’Aton by channeling the Double-Currents, each as he or she wills. Feel free to contact us at any time and share. Or not! As ye Will!

..Love is the law, love under will.