Horus Maat


Charter of the Horus Maat Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Horus Maat Lodge is a seed-gestalt, a priesthood, and an instrumentality of the Universal Pattern of Consciousness. We accept and live by the Law of Thelema as promulgated in Liber Al Vel Legis. It is our will to assist the mutation of Homo Sapiens to Homo Veritas, and to assist each other, and all sentients living today, to find the Gateway to Maat (Truth).

To this end, we hereby agree, as a matter of True Will, to abide by the terms of this Charter.

  • 1. (10.)   The Horus Maat Lodge is a body Invisible on the Outer. It meets on varied planes and is not restricted by time or space.Candidates shall be Thelemites those who are living in love under will and have attained at least some Knowledge and Conversation of their Holy Guardian Angel.
    There are no fees charged for instruction pertaining to Initiation; membership, admission and participation are likewise free. Tangible goods and mundane services may earn fair market value.

  • 2. (9.)   Lodge members will work toward full mastery over all their faculties, the Gods/Goddesses and especially those known as the Forgotten Ones. These forces of the Unconsciousness are to be respected as the source of personal magickal power; as such, they shall be ordered under will to the end of effecting Wills manifestation.
    The Lodge itself links directly to the Collective Unconscious and works continuously to the end of awakening it to full species consciousness.

  • 3. (8.)   The Rites of Thelema and those of Maat, or their successful equivalents, are to be practiced as a means of achieving the Double Current. Magical records of specific workings are to be kept, and copies submitted to the Inner Council for evaluation and placement in the Archives. The Council will advise and assist members in their work if requested to do so. The Council reserves the right to refuse advice if it judges circumstances to warrant such refusal.

    The Horus Maat Lodge confers no grades; it recognizes four stages of development within its own context. These are: Operating within the 93 current and then:  1)  Contacting the Maat Current while achieving of an understanding of its basic nature;  2) activity of ritual and results; 3)  uniting the Maat Current and the 93 Current within the Magickal Consciousness, thus producing the Double Current; 4) achieving mastery in the essential On-GOingness of existence.

  • 4. (7.)   The Horus Maat Lodge is a seed-gestalt, a precursor of the practical Unity of Humanity as a fully-conscious entity. Members will extend their awareness to a planetary level and beyond, practicing personal contact with the life of the species as a constant condition.

    Alchemical workings will be conducted with the spiritual welfare of the Partner ever in awareness. All successful methods of causing change to occur according to Will will be accepted in the sphere of Maatian Alchemy.  Forces employed therein are often of the nature of the Nightside; therefore it is the ethical responsibility of the priest of Maat to ensure the competence of all participants in a Gynander-Working, Mass of Horus, Mass of Maat, or individual Alchemical experiment.

  • 5. (6.)    Each member will Work toward the establishment of a TransAeonic Vortex at her/his Holy Place or Temple. This will enable the priest to employ fully the Maat Current in the spacetime of the Aeon of Horus; this is the essence of the formation of the Double Current. The Double Current emanates from the Magickal Consciousness of the individual and the gestalt; by employing the Vortex, the individual augments the force of the current, in that the time-dimension of the gestalt is expanded to its maturity. This enables the evolved wisdom and power of the gestalt and its further connections to be shared by its infant self and the True Will of the individual members of that self.

    The Priest will destroy and craft anew the daily Mask of Ego, each time striving for functional perfection. The Priest is responsible. for all individuals drawn to her/him by the Double Current; the manner of dealing with these individuals is to be a True and personal manifestation of love under will.

  • 6. (5.)Members will maintain their physical, mental emotional and psychic fitness to the end of providing Will a working instrument. Sacraments will be used in a balanced manner. Preparedness to deal with imminent events is necessary; the Priest is expected to survive.

  • 7. (4.)    Members will be free to seek the advice and opinions current within the Lodge on matters of judgment, decision and creativity. Mutual respect in the asking, giving or refusal of advice is to be practiced at all times.

    Members will not feed vampires on any plane, save as a controlled matter of Will to a specific end.

    XX()     The Lodge regards all aspects of existence as holy. There will be no moral judgment of an individuals chosen Work nor of the universe chosen as a field of operation. Members are to acquire expertise in Working all sides of the Tree of Life.

  • 8. (3.)    The Horus Maat Lodge forms about the nucleus of the Inner Council, which is rooted in the essence of the Nameless Aeons. The Inner Council is entrusted with the duty of decision concerning the incorporation of individual candidates within the Lodge. The Lodge is polymorphous and adaptable to the needs and circumstances of the times.

  • 9. (2.)    The Horus Maat Lodge channels the force of the Universal Pattern of Consciousness in terms of all Aeonic formulae.  There are no restrictions of space or time applicable to the Priest of Horus/Maat. the Priest allows the force to shape the form in all Workings.

  • 10. (1.)    The Horus Maat Lodge will link together at astral midnight on the New and Full Moons at a place within the Astral planes to be designated and fully described by the Inner CouncilThe Equinoxes and Solstices are designated as feast days for the Lodge, as well as those occasions specified in Liber Al Vel Legis.

  • Addenda to the Charter

    The Horus Maat Lodge is a separate and equal system of individuals using the Double Current and as such is not a part of any other organization.

The Inner Council is the administrative body of the Horus Maat Lodge; it may delegate authority and responsibility at its discretion.

We accept this charter as a True statement of Will, and agree to abide by it.

Love is the law, love under will.


We accept the Horus Maat Lodge Charter at 11/25/78

(The Grove of the Star & Snake:)
Robert Carey HDS 69
Joseph Engeleit Kreb ent Ptah
Jillian Blum Noctua 156
Denny Sargent Aion 131

With the right of amendment hereof reserved to the Inner Council Accepted and ratified-

N'Aton, Child of Man

By the hand of the scribe Nema/Andahadna 124