Horus Maat


First Addendum to the Original Charter of the HML

In that the original charter of the Horus Maat Lodge was established in 1979 and that the HML has evolved in its work and that external situations have changed, addendums to the Charter shall be added as needed to better inform the original charter which still stands. Such addendums shall be proposed and voted on by the newly re-formed Inner Council Elevenstar, according to the procedures outlined in the following addendums.

Second Addendum to the Original Charter of the HML

Addendum explicitly stating the hitherto implicit ethos of the Horus Maat Lodge, to wit:

The Horus Maat Lodge was and is established with the Power of Horus and the Truth of Maat. As such we never have accepted nor will we ever accept that which is not Maat (injustice, ill-will, disrespect, harassment, etc.) as part of our Lodge. We do reject all forms of racism, prejudice, and intolerance, including homophobia, sexism, or exclusion of anyone over race, issues of gender or religious or political beliefs unless such beliefs advocate bigotry. We are infinitely tolerant, save of intolerance.

Third Addendum to the Original Charter of the HML

Addendum stating the explicit formulation and organization of the hitherto implicit organization and functions of the Inner Council or IC, to wit:

The Inner Council (IC) of the HML shall be organized and therefore function in the following manner with duties and responsibilities so described including administration and procedures.

The position of The Elder Guardian of the HML:

The position of The Elder Guardian of the HML, previously implicit, shall now be made explicit. This position shall be charged with the power of defending the HML overall in times of crisis and of facilitating, initiating, defending and implementing changes and decisions voted on by The Inner Council - Elevenstar (IC11*).

The Elder Guardian of the HML shall be one of the Founders of the HML, or if not extant, shall be elected by the IC11*.

The Inner Council - Elevenstar (IC11*):

What is referenced in the Original Charter as the ‘Inner Council’ shall henceforth be redefined as ‘The Inner Council - Elevenstar' (IC11*) and shall be organized and function as follows:

The ‘Elevenstar’ is made up of 11 Thrones as per the HML FAQ, and as a functioning body there shall be one vote per throne, 11 total, in deciding issues that are deliberated, no matter how many individuals 'sit upon that Throne.’

The Inner Council - Elevenstar (IC11*) shall be seated each April New Moon and at that time changes may be made to Throneholders. This body will make final decisions on issues and initiatives affecting the HML.

Items for vote may be proposed by The Elder Guardian, members of the IC11* or by the ICA. The Elder Guardian has the right to veto these decisions but such veto may be overruled by 7 votes of the IC11*.

The Inner Council Advisory group (ICA):

The Inner Council Advisory group (ICA) is designated a wider Advisory Body not to exceed 51 members. The duties of the ICA is to submit ideas, debate, give advice, offer data and in any way comment about ideas and initiatives that are part of the HML in any way.

They may offer initiatives to vote on but the IC11* or The Elder Guardian has the right to accept or table the initiative for vote. If there is disagreement between The Elder Guardian and the IC11*, then the will of the IC11* shall prevail.

Officers of the HML:

Four other Officers of the HML shall be named and shall report directly to The Elder Guardian and the The Inner Council - Elevenstar (IC11*). These officers are:

The Treasurer of the HML:

The Treasurer of the HML shall handle all the expected duties of an LLC treasurer, including accepting donations, maintaining a bank account for the HML, keeping track of all financial records and financial events and preparing and submitting taxes. Other duties include fundraising initiatives, advising the IC11* and The Elder Guardian of all financial situation and giving advice to same on all financial matters.

The Secretary of the HML:

The Secretary of the HML shall handle all the expected duties of an LLC Secretary including organizing and keeping ongoing records of all important statements, discussions and documents, keeping track of ongoing communications, multimedia expressions of the HML. Other duties include publicity, aiding in fundraising initiatives, outreach to potential members and organizations, press releases or other public announcements that have been first vetted by the Elder Guardian and/or the IC11*.

The Secretary shall also maintain the archives of the HML, propose new additions to the website and help in similar ways with all communications within and without the HML.

Webmaster of the HML:

The Webmaster of the HML shall be responsible for overseeing, operating, and maintaining the web presence of the Lodge, communicating and coordinating with the Elder and Guardian, other Officers and IC as necessary.

The Omsbudsman of the HML:

The Omsbudsman of the HML shall function as a neutral party in the hearing, outreach and advocacy of issues of concern to the Lodge.

Ratified by recorded vote of the Inner Council Elevenstar, New Moon April 2019