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In the mid-late 1970s, a small group of Pagans and Witches in NYC (the Grove of the Star & the Snake) who had discovered and utilized the 93 current for several years in their on-going experiments and workings, discovered the Maat current in the form of Liber Pennae Praenumbra published in the Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick. The effect of this current on their magickal circles was instantaneous and dramatic. They went from being a burning vortex of Nu Aeon Magick to a supernova as they wove the two currents together in their group and solitary workings.  Realizing the power of this nexus of currents, as well as seeing the gate such a nexus opened in the cosmos, they began a long and complex correspondence with Soror Andahadna (now known as Nema), the Scribe of the Maat Current. She graciously shared with them further work on the same subject (much of which later became the book MAAT MAGICK) and they in turn excited her with the solid and sometimes amazing results of these on-going experiments. Finally, it was agreed that all parties had to meet and so the G.S.S. drove off to Andahadna's farm in Ohio for a most momentous occasion.  

The HML Founders

What occurred when the GSS and Andahadna met was something like two differently charged particles meeting- in a trance many saw this meeting as a wild and flaring mass of crackling 93 energy (dayside) running head-on into a whirling black-flame vortex of Maat -696- energy (Nightside). Thus, when the GSS and Andahadna met and entered deep and shamanic ritual space together, a kind of fusion was created- a fusion that resulted in a permanent Praxis of the Double Current in the form of the Horus/Maat Lodge.

HML Mandala

What follows are some diary entries, poems and thoughts centered around the founding of this gestalt amassed from all the participants.....

"The Horus/Maat Lodge was manifested on April 26, 1979 ev. Involved in this magickal working was the 'Inner Council' ; Andahadna, Priestess of Maat, who transmitted Liber Pennae Praenumbra and the Grove of the Star & Snake. On this occasion, Andahadna channeled Names or Masks for the members of the Grove, functioning as the Inner Council; Hades= Loki Fenris, Aion= Zossian, Kreb ent Ptah= Nodens, Noctua= Selene. Andahadna , on this level, used the name Nema. To clear up any confusion: Nodens of the HML is not Kenneth Grant of the Typhonian OTO who took the name Nodens as head of the Nu Isis Lodge (1955-62).

The following is a brief description compiled from our diaries of this working, the manifestation of the HML: 

"Sunrise adoration, Liber Resh Vel Helios. Breakfast and & Noon sun adoration. Sacrament, 'eye in the triangle.' Spacemarks' Banishing & Star Ruby Done. Painting of Horus/Maat Symbol - a red descending triangle with a black feather within it. Set up altar outside in the woods in a tree; Stele of Revealing  Black Flame Stele/Painting by Andahadna.  Mark of the Beast in center.  Incense, water & Pantacle of wood. Divination by Tarot. Rained out by storm and so moved into the Shadow Temple (the loft). Andahadna scribed sigils for the grove and one for herself through N'Aton.  All consecrated HML symbol by elements and sealed it:

(Noctua: Trump VII- Air,

Kreb ent Ptah: Trump XV- Earth,

Aion: Trump XVII - Water,

Hades: Trump XVI - Fire,

Andahadna: Trump XIV - Spirit)

Loki Fenris (Hades) channeled a Tree of Masks for the Working. All signed the Seal with names and numbers- Setting Sun Adoration and singing of 'Happy Trails'...

Each member of the G.S.S. took his/her allotted elemental symbol and also took the HML symbol/sigil outside to create a vortex while Andahadna worked her drum-magicks in the Shadow Temple. In the blackened rain-filled field, standing in the four directions, not feeling the Earth, but at some great height amongst stars. Dance of the Double Current & the sigil is consumed with fire at the still-point center amidst the wild storm. Then, the manifestation of Nu which is Had! The sky is heavy gray above, the rain becomes needle fine.

We returned inside to the Shadow Temple to rejoin the vortex Andahadna has kept spinning. We assume the 4 points of chairs/thrones about the temple. Then, the reading of the Holy Books; Liber Al Vel Legis and Liber Pennae Praenumbra. Every word is alive and a universe complete. Tremendous power spins and billows forth. The air is extremely clear & freezing, with an alien smell, intensely pure. At the end of the reading (and Andahadna danced Liber PP) we did the Ka Worship Rite all together to seal the event, then we went outside together.

The sky was completely and totally clear! And we were struck by the beauty of the heavens. The stars shone clear, brilliant, infinite - a true vision of the Comity of Stars- we were struck silent in awe. The vision lasted for a period of several minutes, then covered itself with heavy clouds again.

Inside, in the house, Andahadna's daughter (Lee) had been moved to draw a Horus/Maat gynander with flame and feather in hands (see image at the beginning of this page). She did not know about our working and said that she 'felt compelled to draw it.'

After that two members of Bate Cabal arrived, drawn to the farm (they said) by the energies manifesting. They did the Midnight Adoration of the sun with us, ending the night. (The next day, they became the first 'initiates' into the HML.)

We later found out that the day of this manifestation rite was the New Moon. Hades, Kreb ent Ptah and Aion had all previously checked almanacs to make sure that it was NOT the new moon & were all quite sure that it was no where near. A collective error that was amazing. Indeed, the dark of the moon was on April 26 and it turned out that the HML manifested exactly at that hour!" 

4/26/79 c.v.

Galvanic Gypsies
Dancing through Amurrikaa,
Wes hael!
Guerilla Sufi Circus
in Dr. Lao drag--
coming out of closets
Aeons deep
Hawkfeather's children
earthed in he coiled-one's holy place,
tribal brothers of the Adena
(I say this is True.....)
Hail and never farewell
like Bast and other cat folk
An Initiation is forever, therefore,
the Lodge is yet another N'Aton- seed--
as shadow says;
"the mutants have arived."
How can we say 'goodbye,'
when we are all one/no entity?
Tribe of scribes
Tehuti-totem wizards,
Priests of Hermes Thrice-greatest
Priests of Maat.
Children of the future
you have indeed arrived.
Sister is the next best thing to Nothing.
What rough beast slouches toward
Bethlehem to be born?
Attempting to reanimate Osiris
by giving opposite to
the Greased One'is Necromancy
There is no Anti-Christ
because INRI was completed in full.
We are the Priests of the Holy Ghost
and the Mass thereof.
We are Priests of Zos Kia Cultus--
The Anti-Christ is not the beast;
the Anti-Christ is Black;
The Beast is the innocence
of Heru-pa-Kraat.
We are the Priests of Eris
and Popes Several of Discordia
Harlequin, thou art Maat.
Hail each and all!
There is a Mask who is Gynander,
Loved unreservedly, ever
and always Pan.
There is a Mask:
Cthonic caves, black waters--
Kobold Troll Gnome and Fire,
The Mask height; LOKI FENRIS 380
Underground Werewolf-scribe-agape.
There is a Mask;
Mothwings ghosting on the Moon
Priestess of Maat, Owl-Dancer
Dance of the Mask of SELENE 319.
There is a Mask;
The Emperor rules a liquid dark
Undersea volcano-realm
Lord of the ocan of stars unending--
Hail NODENS 332.
Magick is a way of life and death.
More 3-D for the astral plane now!
Holograms your sigils with a little help from your friends.
Wizards of the world unite--you have nothing to gain--or lose.