Horus Maat



Come, O warriors, to the Circus of Maya!
Come, Mother Kali, take off your skin
and dance in your bones,
Writhe to the pounding of Shiva’s drum
at the festival of rock and roll!
See the juggler and his deck of cards!
Hear the single silence and the million voices!
See Pan panic and Babalon babble!
Hear Chaos laugh!
See the twin hawks slay,
and the vulture of the cremation ground!
Watch Horus on his horses, and the masks
falling from the whirling wheel of stars!
Achieve the alchemies of lust! Die daily!
See towers fall and Jesus tap-dance from the crucifix!
See God waltzing with the Devil!
Watch the sun and Moon go out in the Night of Pan,
and dance with us in the feather-balance of Maat!

-4/79 HML