This is the simple and basic ritual used for most workings within the
H.M.L. Any ritual work done in the '***' part of the rite (that is,

whatever you chose to do) will be supercharged by the Double Current.

1. The Sign of Silence -- (Index finger to lips)
2. Spiral dance clockwise slowly towards the center, saying/inhaling IPSOS. 
This is done in the Sign of Silence with one complete in-breath. The word said once is vibrated in your being until silence. 
The word Ipsos is inhaled with a deep slow dissolving breath.
3. Stopping in the center of the spiral as the word ceases. say: 
*** (Whatever ritual work you have come to do)
4. Make the Sign of the Enterer -- (Arms straight out, striding forward)
5. Spiral dance from the center clockwise, returning to the circumference,
Vibrate the word ABRAHADABRA as you do so in a loud strong projection of the out-breath while spiraling. In this motion extend, in breath arms and
legs as the sign dictates.
6. Stop at the point of origin, say: HAD! THE MANIFESTATION OF NUIT.

It is recommended that you banish before and after the rite using the Spacemarks Banishing or another.

In essence the signs, the motions and the vibrations of the words are complete movements to be finished by the verses. The two motions united cause the Double Current. As a circle, this dance can be used to start and finish any ritual. It is an atmosphere to create in and the leap to manifestation.