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Hail Luna, as you rise, IxChel,
Kia, Lady pale,
Queen of dreams, Cast your spell,
Of triple veil
Ar-iadne, Ar-ianhrod, Ar-achne Moerae,
Hail Hecate
Of faces three,
Shining from afar,
Spider of Destiny
In your web of Silver Stars


 Hail Diana, Huntress,
As you draw your silver bow,
Hail Artemis and Io,
Oh Horned waxing luminous present glow
Nu and numinous maiden crescent shewn

Hail Clotho, Spinner of life's thread
Drawn forth from Nix Night
Turning Fate's first strands
With nimble hands
Twining twixt the dark and bright


 Hail MoonMother,
Full and fecund, round and bright,
Isis, We draw you down from the night,
With your cauldron-womb of luminous white

Hail Lachesis, Weaver, Craft your web
Weave the lines between the times
Of wax and wane; And tides
Of flow and ebb
Gossamer silver cords
Of dreaming draw together
In your matrix matted of matter and ether
DreamMother, give Birth
As your light shines down to Earth


Hail, Grandmother Spider,
Crone and crow,
Wisewoman, elder, seer,
Help us face, and destroy
Our fear
Hail Hecate of the Crossroads,
Oh old and ominous presence glowing
Your waning numinous crescent going

Hail Atropos, Cutter,
With your waning silver scythe,
You cut

the thread of Life.


 There is a fourth face, though unseen
There is a fourth path, whom few know
A fourth Fate, who awaits
In shadow

Hail Kali, Blackness,
>From whom the kalas of Time emiT
Three Norns converged,
Past, present, future merged,
On the path of Blood beyond the Wheel we surge and scry

To Caer Arianhrod, Castle in the Sky

Hail Nought, Not, Nuit, Maat,
Yours the dark and secret art

While crone's scythe cuts breath and with death
The thread of life appears to dwindle
>From No-thing you craft another mask
And re-splice it back, on another track
To Clotho's spindle

Beautiful Photographs from a live Dance performance of Liber Qoph vel Hecate at Orryelle's Alchymic Wedding


This work is a daily lunar prayer, adoration or salutation complementary to Aleister Crowley's solar adoration 'Liber Resh vel Helios.'
Unlike Liber Resh, it is concerned with moonthly cycles rather than daily ones, and is thus to be performed but once nightly, preferably on the rising of the moon. The first verse is for every night, the others are to be alternated according to the phase of the Moon. Thus use of this liber helps attune one to the natural cycles of the moon's course.

Unlike Liber Resh which aside from its Hebrew-Greek title deals solely with Egyptian deities, Liber Qoph draws from a variety of mythological and cultural pantheons to represent different aspects of the lunar goddess -Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Celtic, Norse. Primarily it is a prayer to the Greek three Fates, the Moerae -spinner, weaver, cutter- introducing also the fourth unseen face of this triple Goddess, and her function as a hidden fourth Fate. In the Sabbatical tradition there is a secret fourth 'dark road' from the 3-way crossroads Hecate traditionally habitates.  Many thanks to Alexander Blok and Alobar Greywalker for the inspiration to include this Fourth phase.
Collectively the Moerae are known as 'Moira', the archetype of the Justice/Adjustment tarot trump, thus relating to Maat.

 The purpose of this work is balancing the solar energies of Liber Resh vel Helios with lunar energies, as complementary metaphors for the conscious and subconscious mind. Resh is the Hebrew letter which corresponds with the Sun astrologically and the Sun tarot card and is symbolized by the front of the head. Qoph is the Hebrew letter which corresponds with the Moon astrologically and the lunar High Priestess tarot card and is symbolized by the back of the head. Similarly in ancient Hindu tantric texts the Ajna ('third eye') chakra is considered solar and the Bindu chakra on the back of the head is considered lunar, even as physiologically the Cerebrum or conscious 'rational' mind is in the front of the head and the Cerebellum concerned with subconscious dreams and visions is located in the back of the head. The subconscious reflects the conscious mind in the same way the moon reflects the light of the sun -thus in the human head the alchemical metaphor of the Hieros Gamos or 'sacred marriage' of sun and moon is medically validated.
These solar and lunar energies can be united in the pineal gland in the centre of the head, the gland which is actually physiologically responsible for our natural sense of time by tracking the light of the sun and the moon.
By traditional Hebrew gematria, the letter Resh=200 and the letter Qoph=100, which is also the number of the lunar Goddess Hecate! 200 + 100 = 300, the value of Shin, the Hebrew letter of fire and spirit. Thus the raising of the kundalini fire/prana to the head and union of the ida and pingala solar and lunar energies in the centre of the brain, the pineal gland (the physiological 'third eye') causes the prana to fountain up through the Sahasrara crown chakra into Union with the All.

 This liber, intended to be read aloud daily, brings subconscious strata to conscious attention and attunes us to the cycles and rhythmns of the moon's phases. Combined with daily practise of Liber Resh it can aid this union of the solar and lunar energies within the centre of the brain.
It is particularly pertinent in our modern world where electric light interferes with the natural functions of the pineal gland.
 It is recommended that whenever possible the work be read outdoors, under the light of the moon. However unlike Liber Resh forwhich the sun should be faced directly, Liber Qoph vel Hecate should be read with the moon behind you, so as to absorb its subtle energies in through the Bindu Chakra on the Qoph or back of the head.

Hail Hecate!

-Orryelle Bascule

Full lunar eclipse, July 2000 (c).


Moonths after the writing of this Liber regular practise of the adorations began to effect my dreaming. I awoke one full moon from a lunar dreamscape with the realization that there are four lunar 'Ar's worshipped in the work: ARiadne, ARianhrod, ARachne, ARtemis - even as there are four forms of the solar Ra adored daily in Liber Resh vel Helios. Presumably practise of the two complementary works brought this subconscious strata to my conscious attention, even as the light of the moon Ar reflects the light of the Sun RA.

Orryelle Defenestrate is 2'3' Supreme Fool/Magus of The Order of ChAos. More of his Rite-ings, along with artwork and ritual theatre, can be found on his site The Mutation Parlour; and his esoteric poetry in the Research section of the SSS site.


Beautiful Photographs from a live Dance performance of Liber Qoph vel Hecate at Orryelle's Alchymic Wedding

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