The Temple shall be set up as the adepts desire.  Upon the altar shall be a representation of the H.M.L. Seal (red triangle w/black feather) as well as a copy of Liber AL and Pennae Praenumbra and any other divination tools one may wish as well as a hidden mirror. Many also place a reproduction of the Stele of Revealing and a feather there.

Light incense, candle etc. as ye will. (Abramelin incense is perfect if you have it, otherwise another 'resinous wood or gum' incense.)

The initiate sits in the center of the circle blindfolded or veiled.
0. Spacemarks Banishing (see previous ritual) - Say: DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!
1. The initiating adepts dance about the initiate clockwise channeling the 93 current into him or her, chanting ABRAHADABRA, names & titles of Horus,
and the paths and spheres of the dayside tree of life & the sun at random as the mood takes them. Visualize & Channel: Force & Fire!
2. Stop for a still-point of balance and stillness.
3. In the Sign of Silence, reverse the circle so the adepts are dancing counterclockwise for the 696 current. The adepts invoke IPSOS and the names & titles of Maat, the tunnels and caverns of the Nightside tree & the Moon at random as the mood takes them. Visualize & Channel: Black Flames & Balance!
4. As the Double Current Manifests in expansive stillness afterward, whip the veil off the initiate and hold before him or her the mirror at eye level. All the adepts place their hands upon the head of the initiate and channel the vision of the Double Current United into the initiate, saying: N'ATON!
5. Oracles are then read: Random bibliomancy in both AL and Liber P.P. and the oracle of one's choice (pulling a Tarot Trump has been traditional.)
All close the circle by proclaiming: LOVE IS THE LAW, LOVE UNDER WILL!
6. Spacemarks Banishing

The H.M.L. has no degrees, levels, leaders or followers. Anyone can initiate anyone else at any time. If you are familiar with how to do this rite then you are already in! This merely formalizes the event. Feel free to modify the rite as you will, it is an awakening and no two people awaken the same way. The rite and it's dance and chanting are meant to be totally spontaneous and improvised, they must come from the heart. If possible, a feast should follow.

If you are working solo, it is perfectly OK to initiate oneself. The veil need not be used at all and one must simply play all the parts. This is as valid and important as any other initiation, depending on the Will of the adept.