To contact the Maat Current.
Needed: A candle and a feather. 

   It takes a little temple space, you, a feather, and a candle. Have a level surface that's about head-high when you're in a comfortable asana (I have a low built altar that does it for me). Upon this place a lighted candle about two feet away from you, more or less. Give enough time for the mind to mellow out with the words, concepts, memories etc. When inner quiet obtains, hold a feather between your mouth and the candle, and repeat the word IPSOS as an audible mantram. The breath should touch the feather, but not the flame, when they are aligned. The Word, as it's repeated, will gradually fade to silence, and will continue on the inner, again fading to levels increasingly more deep. The feather, the flame, the word and the breath are all symbols/manifestations of Maat--; at the moment of Silence within the breath and the word. Maat will touch you...the description of her manifestation need not be spoken here. 

- Andahadna (Nema)