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From The BOOK ov ChAOS

(Medium -Pen) Image and Text (c) 2001 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

The Justice archetype of Maat, as Goddess of Truth, is ultimately faceless. She is an intangible essence, as No-thing is True - in terms of Absolutes. From this source void come the different masks crafted by our perceptions and experiences. Depicted here are different cultural and mythical masks and forms of Maat: Left from the centre - The Egyptian lioness-headed solar Goddess Sekhmet (the earliest known form of the Egyptian Maat is lioness-headed Tefnut/Mayet the World Order), whose symbol like Maat is the Ankh of Life, and who is represented by honey, bees and the lemniscate (infinity symbol); the Greek lunar crone Hecate, an aspect of the The Three Fates or Moerae, the composite ofwhich is Moiera, the Greek version of the Justice archetype with sword and scales; the Egyptian Hoor-Paar-Kraat (Harpocrat to the Greeks), innocent child form of Horus, who as hawk-headed Ra-Hoor-Khuit's twin represents the passive/receptive aspects of existence, as signified by the Sign of Silence; the elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesh, who as creator and remover of Obstacles is very much concerned with Balance; and the enigmatic HarleQuin, HarleQuintEssence of the Cosmic Joke.

Branching out to the right from the centre are the masks of Isis, Egyptian stellar mother Goddess of the waters of the Nile, who with Her dark sister Nepthyss are the Maati; the Hindu creator and destroyer Kali, beautiful and terrible black Goddess of blood, death, night and nurturing -as destroyer of fear she draws one closer to the Truth; Baphomet -a hermaphroditic form of Pan, Greek name of the Horned God of most ancient cultures. Pan (=131=Truth=Baphomitr) means 'All' and combined with the 'Naught' of Nuit everything is encompassed. A manifest Mask of Maat, S/He is Form in BeComing; and a Bee, insectoid emmissary of Maat and representing the Hivemind of N'aton. These masks are only some examples, they stretch out infinitely on either side, like stars in the void, the multitudinous Ma-nifestat-Ions of Nuit, the Goddess of the Universe whose starry body arches over the top of the picture.

The Egyptians represented Maat with the Hieroglyph of the Feather, here doubled to represent the positive and negative permutations of duality as No-thing manifests into form. The symmetry of the image is indicative of the Balance and Equilibrium which Maat represents. The two-edged Sword (Zain) of Division is an extension of this, the mind's perception cleaving the essence into pattern, the tapestry of Maya (Illusion). The hilt of the sword is engraven with Ibises, the totem of Thoth, Scribe-God of Records and Measure and consort of Maat, and from it hang the scales of Justice, onwhich Maat weighs the Heart of the deceased against Her feather of Truth, as in Egyptian mythology.

The Serpent of the Ages coils in a Lemniscate of Eternity around this Sword, which as its axis forms the Aeonic Lemniscate and a sigil of the Word of Maat, IPSOS ('By the Same Mouth'). The Book of Law, the holy Logos which shapes reality, inwhich the Scribe Thoth measures the form-u-la s of civilization, is receptive to the tip of the Sword, which is engraved with the bindrune of N'aton, the Collective Consciousness. This Groupmind is represented by the Hive, the hexagonal cells (atu) which branch out in a web of interconnections. Overlapping circuits of The Tree of Life (Qabbala), as a primary model for mapping this interconnectivity, is depicted with other symbology and geometries as infrastructures in the awakening Hivemind.
The Abyss, Daath, perilous crack in the Journey up the Tree, forms a spiralling web through the Hive, connection in ego-loss. From this rift emerges Sebekh, crocodile God/dess to whom are fed the souls whose hearts are too heavy for the Feather.

The Dance of Maat is one of Equilibrium. It is about following one's True Will, thus in accord with the Universe and the Self simultaneously, finding that sacred Balance so that LightHeartedness may be maintained.

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