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Here are a few links we feel embody the Double-Current Magicks or are affiliated.
Please let us know if there are others we should add.

BLACK MOON WEB On July 4th 1976, Bate Cabal published its first paper document: The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick.
On July 4th 1996, Bate Cabal published its first digital document. This page is always under construction as it evolves from our collective Will. Look for many additions to the archives soon! The Archives is no longer shipping hard copy, but is now converting manuscripts into digital format.
They wish to make the manuscripts available to the community at no cost on Moon Web.


THE MUTATION PARLOUR - Hermanubis Nexhagus, avatar of freaks and mutants, presents the public rites of METAMORPHIC RITUAL THEATRE and private rites of the underlying ORDER ov CHAOS. An extensive site lavishly illustrated with photos, drawings and animations (sound and video soon to be added). Documentation of Magickal Mutations physical (Tattoo tarot tantra, chakra piercings and weavings...) and beyond as artistic process towards the evolution of humanity into Homo Veritas via the aeonic double current of Horus and Maat.
Of particular relevance to the Double Current are the IN-SECT-ION and Global Chakra Workings which many members of the Horus-Maat Lodge have been participating in.

HERMETIC.COM An astounding collection of Hermetic texts, rituals, comments and so on. Includes a number of 'received wisdom' texts from several HML members, including Nema. A wonderful and deep site for anyone interested in Hermetic Magick and its cotinued life in this aeon.

ANANDAZONE! -Art, Articles and links of interest to the Magickal community: The Shadow Tarot, the English Qabalah, Typhonian Current, 93 Current, Chaos Magick, Tantric Practices, EOD, Necronomicon, Cthulhu, Star People, Nephilim, Adinath, Siva, Kali, Sirius, Maat, Universe B, Voudou, Ifa, Crowley, Kenneth Grant, A O Spare, Nema, Tree of Life, Esoteric books, Alchemy, Sorcery, Astrology.

SSS -Wonderful wwwebsite of the Servants of the Star and the Snake, a loose collective of Thelemic Tantrics and sister order of the Horus-Maat Lodge. Crosspollinating thelema and the Adinath tantric tradition.

PATRICK'S PORTAL -- A multi-doored entryway into alternative realities, culture, media, politics, and music. Mostly links, intuitively chosen to present a prism of possibilities outside of mainstream assumptions.

PSYCHIC SOPHIA - The site of Sophia, HML member, author, Hereditary Psychic & and Goddess extrodinaire

MYSTERIA -The One Stop Libri Shop with almost everything ever written my Aleister Crowley, who inaugurated the aeon of Horus in 1904.

The Typhonian OTO website -the Maat current as the collective HGA and many other atavistic articles, including Nema's older manuscripts which first appeared in The Cincinatti Journal of Ceremonial Magick

The Hermetic Alchemical Order of QBLH -A sister order of the Horus-Maat Lodge, working with the Tree of Life.

THE GALLERY of The THOTH TAROT -Llee Heflin's wild site- Recoloured enhancements of Crowley and Harris's Book of Thoth Tarot, and incredible digital fractal reworkings of the original images that have to be seen to be believed.

AION 131 -The collected works of one of the Horus-Maat Lodge founders, Aion -inc. Likns to his book web sites all sorts of metaphysical fun and so on- Temple of Pan, Transmitted Writings and more...

The Gnostic Alchemical Church of Typhon-Christ The GAC, with ties to both QBLH and HML, practices astrologically timed tantric rituals in English based on the New Aeon English Qaballa (the ALW-"Azure-Lidded Woman" series) derived from the Book of the Law.

Shiva Shakti Mandalam -Mike Magee's comprehensive Tantric site centered around the Adinath tradition and the works of Dadaji, who blended taoism and thelema with the Hindu tantras in bringing the traditions to the west.
Includes downloadable PDF files of original Sanskrit texts and translations.

A.T.O.I. Mystery School -Electronic Musicians inspired by the double current of Horus and Maat. Includes links to MP3 tracks.

THE GENIUS of ZOS is one of the largest online Archives of the Art and Writings of Austin Osman Spare, the 'Grandfather of Chaos Magick' and creator of the Zos Kia Kultus

<>PHIL HINE - Phil Hine's large site where Chaos Magick and Tantra meet. Profound and entertaining.

A.T.O.N. -Alternative Technology Orthogeometry & Neurocybernetics -Quantum physics, Intergeometry and Ayahuasca research foundation.

The Scrolls of Mahendranath - official website of the International Nath Order and repository of free-to-download editions of the writings of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath.

Chthonic-Auranian OTO  NOT your usual terrestrial OTO, a very different Construct indeed- well worth exploring.

LASHTAL.COM - Since the 1990s, lashtal.com has provided a non-commercial and non-partisan site devoted to Thelema in culture and media, Thelemic philosophy and to the life and works of Aleister Crowley. It is updated daily and is "refreshingly devoid of politics and editorial hubris".

http://www.egnu.org/thelemapedia/ - The Free Encyclopedia of Thelema

  The Invisible Lodge; magick, essays and more at 

http://www.fonspiritualcenter.org/ - The Institute of Africana Cosmology is Committed to Archiving, Preserving, and Respectfully Sharing the Cosmology of People of African
The Temple of the Mystic Source of Vision - A Contemplative Ifa Community Welcomes Serious Inquiries...

 NEMO'S UTOPIA "I am an artist deeply inspired by the mythic traditions of the world. I draw inspiration from ethnographic journals, museum catalogs, nature and ancient ruins. I feel that there is a connection between ancient tribal art and the basic mythic building blocks of human creativity. By exploring the myths and archetypes found around the world, one can begin to piece together the subconscious dream landscape of human visual symbolism, and watch its transformation through time."

 The Voodoo Spiritual Temple...“Welcome home prayers go out to all of the community. As we rebuild our Lives and Spirits.” 
The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is a place where you can find peace and comfort. It is a place for not only educating people about the Voudon Religion but also yourself and activities that occur in everyday life.

The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of The SILVER DUSK - The 8 outward-pointing arrows of Chaos (expansion, exhalation) are counterpointed by the 8 inwards-pointing arrows of Order (contraction, inhalation) formed by the negative space
b e t w e e n them (which the spiral fills). 
Together these represent the 16 kalas ('colours'/emanations) or rays of Time whichcihw emiT from Kali, the Black Goddess of the Void (XAOS -the Greek root of the Word Chaos… The Silver Dusk is a counter-point to The Golden Dawn -that where the Golden Dawn was a magickal order established by poets and artists, the Silver Dusk is an art movement instigated by magicians and sorcerers.

Sothis Medias - Sothis Medias is a vehicle for the acceleration of consciousness into visionary domains. Sothis is the Greek name for the star Sirius, the Star of Isis. Features: posts related to dreams, book reviews, set lists from On the Way to the Peak of Normal -a radio show that Justin is a host of, as well as information about up and coming releases on the Sothis Medias label: Books, Zines, Music. Also neologisms, fictions, esoteric matters of synchrognostic importance.

THE HOUSE OF HORUS - Dedicated to the exaltation and unveiling of 
 Nuit-Babalon-Hathoor in the New Aeon of Thelema.
Salutation to Hathoor! Mistress of Light! Whose triumph I proclaim!
Victorious queen with the hawk's own sight, Sekhmet is Thy name!
The web site explore the rise of Hathoor
 from the most mysterious and powerful of civilizations to 
Her re-evolution in the Age of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, marked by the 
initiation of the Law of Love.


MAGICAL ALMANAC is a free monthly astro-magickal ezine for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age ˆ astrological fare. It lists propitious times each month for asking favors, seeking romance, investing money, beginning new projects; as well as casting spells and doing rituals. There is also a thought-provoking article or two each month of astrology tips and suggestions for bringing magick into your life.

Star of Dunedin  - We are a group of serious Magickians. Our temple does both Magick in Theory and Practice working largely with the Alexandrian Wiccan Tradition, but also
We are based in Dunedin, New Zealand- which is in the South Island of Aotearoa; so we have a wonderful choice of indoor and outdoor sites for our Rituals.  A permanent Physical Temple and a collection of Magickal Texts are available for members use.

The Green Wolf…has been through several incarnations since 1998. Originally started by Lupa as a means of finding homes for her artwork, it has now become an aegis for her and her partner, Taylor Ellwood, to offer their respective creative projects under.To find out more about each of us, click on the buttons below. You find bios, as well as links to our books, hardcopy publications we've written for, and links to online articles we've written!

TARA CHAKRA - A CYBER TEMPLE OF THE GODDESS TARA - all welcome- global linkage on first 1/4 moons - Om tare tuttare ture soha

- Apophysis is a fractal flame generator Apophysis is a freeware program that is available at http://www.apophysis.org .
There is also great documentation on Apophysis at this wiki   http://apophysis.wikispaces.com/

Nine Thelemic Numerologies Calculator - for numerology, gematria and other magickal number freaks

AGENT 139 - an adept and his many projects...

Payam Nabaraz - Writer & Mystic

Yahoo group:    Open Source EQ - We are an ecclectic group of numerologist, sharing our various systems with each other, in hopes of coming up with some way of making the quality of the English Qabala's accessible to people new to this field. Who knows, maybe collectively we'll come up with a science of the English Qabala's, something that has stumped Qabalists for a couple of centuries.  This is a group for open-minded numerologists, seeking understanding of all English Qabala

Notes from the Underground - The rantings and musings of author, musician and artist James Curcio.
All content herein is copyright James Curcio, except the stuff that isn't.

Acrylick Alchemical ...an artist who is constantly working on modern thelemic illustration,,,


Mithras Stellar Voyage -I am approching the subject from classical source (e.g. Orphic, Mithras, Roman)  and also on Sufi side e.g see books  'Mystical Astrology According
to Ibn Arabi by Titus Burckhardt' and The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism by Henry Corbin. Also  Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth: From Mazdean Iran to  Shi'ite Iran (Bollingen Series) by Henry Corbin by Nabaraz




All Things Thelema

My ponderings and spontaenous writings on Will, Love and Thelema over the last few years.


Future Thelema

Yahoo egroup:  What will the next 100 years of Thelema bring?


Alobar Greywalker: Magickal Record (aka Frater PVN, LA-BAJ-AL)


Myspace group for open minded Thelemites: Hermits, Lovers and Wo/Man of Earthers.


Baby's Breath and Brimstone

Occasional musings on life, work, magick, mysticism, and crap I find funny
or infuriating.


Aion131 Magickal Journal

Nath Tantrika & Open-Ended Magickal Meanderings



parapsychology, parapsychopharmacology, anthropology, archaeology, altered states, belief, magic and culture


Paul Holman

An online notebook for work in progress. Also links, the odd photo, and so on.