Horus Maat



The past year has been brutal in many ways, but it is like the edd of the new birth cracking. A re-centering via our Guardian Angels (Star) and connecting/channeling the Collective Being known as N’Aton to bring Maat and Awareness to all is in order. The ritual can be simple or complex, as the adept desires. Here is the framework, change/adapt as ye will:

The Steps:
  1. Banish/Clear as ye will
  2. Activate your sacred space as ye will, a feather and flame is appropriate but nothing is really necessary.
  3. Invoke your Guardian Spirit (HGA) the STAR that is your TRUE Self - as you like.
  4. When you have done so, AS your Conscious Star Self, invoke N’Aton And bring N’Aton conscious THROUGH your Star until the 2 are one.
  5. If you want, you could use Nema’s N’Aton communication: INVOCATION OF N’ATON
  6. Then: As N’Aton, Embrace and become GAIA, the Earth Consciousness and all beings upon it as N’Aton/Star
  7. ‘Alignment in-out/up-center-down/moving- be still’
  8. Dance
  9. Remove all masks and simply BE in Joy and Unity Smile- BE Joy Remove the Mask of Being: After this centering/bliss, place index finder to lips (sign of silence) and absorb the Joy and all the layers of experience.
  10. Consciously resume the masks of ‘You’ and earth the experience. If you are with others or alone, dance as stars embodied- Then reach to the heavens: TO NUIT! MAY ALL BEINGS AWAKE!
  11. Then touch the Earth/Gaia and earth all of this power:  TO GAIA! MAY ALL BEINGS EVOLVE!
  12. Then center self and say: WE ARE N’ATON GAIA HEALING!
OM -from the inspiration of Mitch Stargrove