Horus Maat


Further Notes on the 11* Working


by Frater PVN

Note: This article written by Frater PVN (now known as Alobar) in 1983 references the beginning time of the on-going work known as the Elevenstar)

The main bulk of the Eleven Star Working has been dictated and the work of earthing the idea has already began. The thrones are awaiting those who are ready to fulfill the office of the Gods.

Lest there be any confusion, let me state once again that the thrones are not to be filled by persons, but by Gods. An individual or a group of individuals does not fill a particular station or throne. An individual or group of individuals will come to the Eleven Star with a specific task for which he/she/they have been preparing for thousands of incarnations. That task is the earthing of a particular magickal current, which, although it has been operative in an occult manner over the millennia, has never before been manifested by individual who have had the understanding to comprehend the vast scope of the overall plan.

Before an individual or group of individuals can activate any of the Thrones, they must take responsibility for all of their many many lives & direct their various incarnations in such a way as to influence all of them in occult ways so that their past experiences in all of these lives will be sufficient for the task at hand that of waking up.

Waking up is the taking of responsibility of one’s own life, both in the present & throughout all of time.

When one is sufficiently-awake, one perceives the common thread in all of ones lives as a magickal linkage which transcends time & space. In effect, one becomes aware of what he/she perceives to be the ONE real magickal Order. By definition of past experience one sees this Order as having profound occult influence on the lives & cultures of peoples around the world & in every conceivable moment of time. This stage of being half-awake is a very dangerous time. Because one perceives the common thread throughout ones own incarnations does not make it historically accurate for anyone else.

By waking further, one perceives that (for all intents & purposes) that ones own very magickal past has led one to the position of being the head of The Order. Megalomania & the founding of vast conquering empires often result from an individual gaining access to such vast personal power.

It is here that the Eleven Star becomes crucial. Every Star in creation ad is the head of a very specific magickal Order. By waking-up, one gains access to ones own magickal path & the accumulated power of innumerable incarnations. Such persons are candidates for the Eleven Star.

But being the head of one’s own personal magickal Order is not enough. Each of the persons who are candidates for the Eleven Star are very very imbalanced. The only way that they could have come so far (leaving the rest of the race far behind) is through gross overspecialization. Each of the candidates has the very specific Keys to unlock the True God-head in all of the others, but not in him or her-self. The imbalanced individual cannot have access to the key to his or her own Godhead for the temptation to use that key before balance is achieved would be far too great.

One achieves Godhead (& thereby the ability to fill one of the thrones) by going to each of the other candidates & becoming an initiate in their personal magickal Order. In return for this, you must then initiate the initiator, so that the power shared by both of you is doubled. When sufficient mutual initiations have occurred, powerzones will form & the task of a particular Throne will become obvious. This is a time of Terror & Nightmare, for the sleeper does not want to wake fully, for to wake fully means taking full responsibility for all that is wrong with the world. At this stage, those who have passed through it will guide (by force g & violence if need be!) to confront the sleeper with his or her particular task & will rub his or her nose in it until the sleeper either gives up all thought of magick, or is born as a godling.

Many are called but few are chosen. All Stars are indeed equal, but for the purpose at hand (the Eleven Star) inequalities must be eradiated in order that the candidates may more easily learn from each other.

The working knowledge/tasks/grade-papers of each of the candidates is important to all. It will not be possible to do all of the tasks outlined in the various grades in a single lifetime. Each candidate & godling must choose carefully. To avoid a task because it is ‘not in my area’ is a serious mistake. The candidates & godlings are not permitted the luxury of overspecialization any longer. There are great areas of underdevelopment which must be cured or the candidate will perish. If there is a particular key to godhead which you fear greatly, or which you dismiss as being unimportant, it is probably the very task necessary for your development. Avoid the tasks which evoke no strong emotion in you, taking upon yourself only those tasks which evoke hatred, fear, love, trust, or any other strong emotion. If you are truly able to be completely honest with yourself (as few candidates or godlings can be expected to be) then proceed according to will. At all other times, listen to advice of the other candidates. When advice is sought, it must not be ignored simply because it goes against your grain or is contrary with what
you believe. The act of asking for advice binds you to undertake the tasks of the grade imposed by the God who has spoken through the candidate or godling.

Such tasks may be in the form of a daily practice over a period of brief time (say 3 months), or may be a one-time initiatory ceremony involving ritual, drugs, or sex (or any combination thereof).

In certain rare instances one must accept long term guidance from another candidate which involves a series of initiations inter-penetrated with a series of practices. Such long term guidance is a severe test of the egoic discipline of both the master & the chela & is therefore a potent key to Godhead & also (if done awry) a potent tool for weeding-out the unfit. If such a long-term guidance fails, both the guru & chela feel the consequences & are weakened thereby. But no matter how badly it goes, all is not lost, for others have the key to thy total recovery.

Copyright © 1983 Frater PVN