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“Maat Magick” and the Way of Self Initiation

23rd Trump
23rd Trump by Nema

By D.Sargent (Aion)

The following article was printed in The New Times, a Seattle newspaper, prior to author appearences by Nema.

Nema, the author of  Maat Magick, A Guide to Self Initiation (Samual Weiser Publishers) is visiting the Pacific Northwest . She brings to us a unique  view of how every person can take control of their spiritual evolution and invoke the divine into their daily lives.What follows is a short interview based on some ideas from her book.

D,Sargent: Nema, what exactly is ‘Maat Magick?’

Nema: Maat is the ancient Egyptian principle of Truth, justice, honesty and balance; Magick is the science and the Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will. Maat Magick is a streamlined, contemporary system of initiation through magick ritual with three main aims: personal transformation, species transformation and preparation for non-human communication. It’s based on Western esoteric tradition, but borrows freely from any valid spiritual system.

D: What is the source of this material?

N: Maat Magick includes information from the Western Initiated Tradition, the hidden path of Western Spirituality, from writers like Perdurabo, Diane Fortune, A.O.Spare and Kenneth Grant as well as from my own visionary experiences. The visions that I received that became the central part of Maat Magick were ones I received when I tapped into the Akasha (the Astral) which is the eternal record of everything, past, present and future. Anyone can gain access to the Akasha with the right attitude and approach.

D: Who is this book for? Can everyone use the techniques it explains?

N: This book is for anyone who is dissatisfied with standard answers to the ‘Big Questions’ or with their present state of consciousness. Yes, everyone can use the techniques which I explain clearly in this book. They can be easily adapted to various situations like physical disability or sensory impairment if need be.

D: What is ‘Self initiation?’

N: Initiation, in the spiritual sense of the word, is the opening of the Self to new knowledge about existance and non-existance as well as knowledge gained from personal experience and intuition. Initiation rituals of various tribes, orders or groups can only be formal acknowledgements of personal attainments. The most one can do for another person’s progress in knowledge, understanding and wisdom is to point him or her in the right direction and make encouraging noises!

D: Ok, but say I’m just an average person with an average job and regular concerns, what does all that have to do with me?

N: If you’re perfectly satisfied with your life and you don’t seek change, there is not much that Maat Magick can do for you. If you suspect that common knowledge only brushes the surface of reality, if you feel that there’s more to lif than what meets the eye, if you sense a vast Mystery behind appearences (and you yearn to discover that Mystery) then Maat Magick can open doors for you.

D: Maat Magick seems to be concerned with the future, what future possibilities do you see for the Earth?

N: I’ve seen a number of possible futures for our planet, some are very hopeful for the human race, while others aren’t. Some of the dire possibilities include dictatorships, world war, a completely poisoned environment and even an Eden-like world with no people. On the positive side, I’ve seen futures where we manufacture things an atom at a time through nanotechnology or grown things like plastics from genetically modified plants. The main image, though, is a future Earth with with a human race with its Group Unconsciousness fully Awake. That is, we evolve into a species with a ‘double consciousness;’ that of the individual and that of our Collective Awareness. The goal of Maat Magick is to weigh probability in favor of this positive future.

D: You discuss “extraterrestrial connections’ in your book, could you talk about this a bit?

N: I prefer to use the term “non-human’ instead of ‘extraterrestrial.’ since there are beings awaiting our recognition who are already with us, but invisable to us. The ones who are off-planet come in a wild variety of forms., may of which we presently wouldn‘t see as life-forms at all. For instance, stars are intellegent entities whose convection currents and fluctuating electromagnetic fields both reflect and enable their thinking. They communicate with each other by light and the rest of the energy spectrum as well as by ‘nonlocal’ omnipresence of the quantum-level reality. Time and Space are illusions and many intellegences take practical advantage of that fact.
 One maxim of Maat Magick is: “All that is, lives, all that lives is intellegent.” The non-human life I refer to includes our Earthly Kingdoms of animal, vegitable and mineral, the Faerie Folk, the oceans, storms, earthquakes and volcanos, our entire planet, the moon, angels, ghosts, devas, loa, kami and other gods and spirits. It also includes those elusive beings who live close to us, just a beatout of our own vibration-level, just around the corner in the next dimension.