Horus Maat





Voxas Rimotae

Voxas Rimotae was a journal of magick created originally as an emmanation of a magickal circle meeting, creating, doing private and public rituals and broadcasting a radio show as well in Bellingham, WA USA from about 1980-1984. Based in magick, the double current, a pervasive Pagan Eclecticism and ritual intensity, VR was a nexus and event. Several long-standing HMLers were involved. Om to All!

Mandragore Journal

Mandragore was an occult journal created, published and distributed by the Grove of the Star & Snake, a small magickal group based in NYC that was key in starting the HML Our goal was to disseminate new, experimental occult knowledge, art and rituals to help push, the boundaries of magick. The Magazine began in the late 1970s and ended in the early 1980s as the Grove disbanded.


Silver Star Journal