Horus Maat


The Writings of Seshep-Akhu


By Nemus


Men and women of the Earth, to you am I come from the Ages beyond the Ages, from the Space beyond your vision; and I bring to you these words…

…Or as a scholar may learn some secret language of the ancients, his friends shall say: "Look! He pretends to read this book. But it is unintelligible ? it is non-sense."Yet he delights in the Odyssey…

- Liber Porta Lucis 

The pages that follow, were assembled during a recently completed cycle of the 11 star  working.  They describe my personal communication if you will, with  N’Aton :- whose collective mask represents  "the next step" in  human consciousness.

During this period, as Sirius rose and Mars approached it closest proximity to Earth in some 60,000 years,  I assumed the throne of Hod  - whose sphere of influence is sacred to the god of scribes: Thoth - consort of Maat

What felt like a veritable inundation  of words,  images and the quickening awareness of N’Aton,  began to funnel thru the black flame of she who burns in-between Time. I found myself immersed in a fresh study of   Egyptian magick. I became strangely attracted to what is considered to be one of the most important of ancient Egyptian rites: The Ritual of the Opening of the Mouth.

Even as I write this, there is that part of me that still remains  skeptical of what appears  at first glance to be a rather cryptic mortuary rite performed by  ancient high-priests wielding two adze-shaped blades of meteoritic iron before the closed lips of the Ka statues of the Dead.  And yet, there is ample evidence, however to suggest that a maatian examination of the Rite may unlock a further revelation concerning origin and intent. I feel its magickal intent is multi-faceted;  complex beyond any conventional understanding of Time and Space.

As this working continues to unfold,  two recurrent   principles or mechanisms if you will -  intrinsic to both ancient Egyptian magick and our present day double-current gnosis of Horus/Maat   emerge from the state of  double-consciousness  shared with Naton. They are the dynamic counterweigh of Word and Deed.

The first principle   quite fundamental to a mechanical understanding of   Egyptian gnosis  is the pricinple of  Heka  whose hieroglyph incorporates the double spiral and is  described as the magickal -force of change  that pushes Word-Speech-Creation   (Hu) forth from the silent mouth of the primeval creator god Atum.

 The second principle indispensable to the cosmic order that is Maat is Akhu ; "effective deeds" closely associated with the act of  spell-making. As  akhut, the symbol interestingly enough is that of the crested ibis, the sacred bird of Thoth,      the  "Master of Spells".

Akhu is also defined as "The Shining One"   "Luminous power"  and is used to describe the evolved soul whose enlightened body of light successfully completes the journey thru Duat -  the Realm of the Dead : - whose light commingles with the comity of stars…

My zeitgeist would suggest now, again: -   that The Ritual of the Opening of the Mouth is intended to be repeated  four times  in each of the aeons of Isis, Osiris, Horus and Maat .  That the completion of this ritual cycle coincides with the end date of the current Mayan calendrical cycle ( in 2012); the Great Jubilee conjunction with Galactic center . The  spatial/species leap to Homo Veritas occurs as all keys turn  and our secret door into the sacred Ages of Time opens, never to close again.

And so a Shining One ? Seshep-Akhu  a self proclaimed  "Polisher of Akhu"   now comes forth in the form of Light flooding forth ? to raise another spell of  Sothis  above and below that channels thru the Ibis-Eye of the Abyss; a maatian deed  borne  thru the ages of Time to now assist the children of maat in the next evolutionary step of human consciousness; to aid the leap towards Homo Veritas.

Ipsos. Thanks for listening.  May I eat my words.


Sequence of Content

The Scribe of Hod 
The Summons 
Inside Passage 
The House Of Horus 
Unobstructed Cobra 
An Open Past   


May the deed shine forth and the word be hidden 
- Liber Pennae Praenumbra

I dissolve 
I am shadow 
I am light 

Face aflame in blue 
Body & Time 
Flows in  electrum


Invisible House of Light 
Black flame that burns within 
The heart of Man

Come forth winged one with Maut 
Strange and hidden child from Maat 
Bornless Age now borne manifest 
I begin 



Great river 
Reveal more 
Than water will know.

I am what the river leaves 
From rich red Nile clay 
When dog days no longer flood; 
And Sirius is again below.

Great River, 
You too are fed 
From a source whose heart is space 
And whose soul is the house of stars.

In life and death, flood & drought; 
I am a river of water and life. 
I am first earth to know each day. 
Now bennu awakes 
Now the victorious One returns 
Who forms All from wet, red, river clay.

Dweller of Duat - I  raise my spell: 
My red pots I shatter ? I again am born 
Silent child of the strange black Nile 
 Who flows thru narrow door & wide Abyss:-

I invoke the magickal portal of Heka 
I invoke  Heka, Who awakes the One. 
I invoke Heka  breath before word 
Whose body is now dry-land 
Whose head is Ra=Heka

The many-eyed, now seen angel has manifest 
Known after life is alive again therein 
Seated upon a hidden stone of lapis-lazuli 
Egg-blue stone of water that became of Grail;

Rise up and come forth into day 
Earth & rose now mix with blood 
All orisons that thicken Night by flood 
Now brings forth spell, form and clay 
As wet will stretches, dries in the heat of Day

And, at the Sirius rise 
Back thru marsh & reed 
Is an open hand 
With an open heart 
A doorway to 
 Open Truth 
That leads me to you 
And you to Us. 

My Ghost likes to travel… 
- Peter Gabriel

 @ March - August 2003. 


… Rest here, awhile above the moon and sun. 
Rest here, in the House of One million years. 
Become the Light that stays brightest close before me. 
I am living flame within the eternal heart of Nu.. 
And you are the children of the feather-word of flight 
To raise  another spell  to turn away  what  would plague the heart 
 that sits awake upon the coils of its  tongue; head bowed , ear to earth 
listening for  the cakl of the Ibis to begin -  breath & life, to rise again… 

The Scribe Of Hod

Primeval One of Duat 
Seven cubit lengths of moonlight tall 
Your measure is riverbend to fingertip, 
Spell & swoon of Nile reed beneath  Sothis-eye. 
You who are called Djhut 
Come forth in conscious, clarity:- 
Come forth to me.

The  rituals of Old now black I celebrate 
With the restless rebel of south and soul. 
 An Openning of Mouth, Heka and word 
As one eye now watches Its company of stars…

To swallow Death and Time by the same mouth 
By the eight-folds of serpent-bitten tail; skull and cup now fill: 
Secret keys  of  magickal ritual unlock the keep of Thoth ; 
As thirst whose knowledge multiplies 
As  voice and answer remain no longer, 

Now,  we live again to walk thru every Door 
Thru triple-chambered alchemy to Ecstacy; 
.Behold! both face and form below Abyss 
Image of a thrice great and generous  God.

Om.  Ibis-headed shape of Heart 
Viaov. Winged messenger of god 
Ipsos- by the same mouth Thoth:

 Whose silence speaks thru  sacred science 
Moves with faceless moon above formless Water 
To shape the feather mask of all now veritas

  Judgement to divide  deep with dark by mystery; 
Whose arms raise up both spell & quill to Truth 
Whose medicine solves all wounds of Set & Ra

Come forth ? scribe now, this omnipresence 
In emergent emerald upon black & fertile earth 
 The lives that shall live again, now walk here with us. 
 Lives whose heart is written upon a tablet of hidden stone :

Call-forth -Akashic record; the mark ofTruth &  Law ; 
The Light that shines behind us, unrolls from nameless Age 
A papyrus of serpents-kin sealed  by sand, wind and you:-

This Knowledge  that rises to be known again:- 
Is a black pearl before theSeen may see 
 the great and Shining One, 
Still Heart 11 pointed star of Night 
Our Invisible body dissolved, until manifest , 
 Now is weighed and here ,  by Maat revealed 

Primeval One ? you who dwell with Naton here 
 Thy sign is the Ibis who sits on dry land 
Give us Knowledge  to judge and weigh 
Science  to understand equal measure, 
Moons to watch and guide sun across  Day

Teach me the count of numbers  that rise  from ancient depths 
To bathe our Ka in the magi-cakl waters of  Knowledge

Now, Our Holy place is here.

My House becomes your dwelling place; 
My soul now fills with Light:  Your sign  is now my sign 
Received within the temple of the 11* 
Bornless Being  who is  Naton  now is borne 
Sacred words from the sword of Silent speech 
Scribed upon His ancient tablets of   emerald earth 
Filled by Thoth -  the  measure of moon & Eye 

You scribe… your reed records our ancient song 
Whose words awake each day to journey anew; 
Rise up, with life again from watery Nun; 
Rise up, now One -  Opening Mouth; 
Keeper of the Great Eye who judges 
All  hearts filled by honey -the work of Maat’s bees

Our lives  complete  return - You are come again into Khemenu 
The Town of Eight  awaits   He Of Djhut  Re awakes 
 Dweller of Duat -  who describes the magickal  forms of Change

Come forth now upon this Land and dwell herein with me. 
Come forth ? another spell of Sothis  rises here ? 
 Floods  ancient riverbeds of  sacred  age with secret light

The bright eye of Thoth that bathes in star-lit knowledge 
Now opens  Mouth and Khu as Ka is lighter Still:- 
Invisible  alchemy whose waters spawn  electrum akhu

In this still House of Khabs 
The Voice of Silence speaks again 
Past here, where thirst is watered with wisdom, 
By  the knowledge that reaches beyond Life:- 
This Light behind Us  faint & fairie ; here dwells yet again:

Unite what once was none,  of the stars and Two.

@ Nu Moon  Throne of Hod 

The Summons

I speak the word from which I was made. I speak of truth and splendor and strength, of the honor of death and power of return. I speak of the crested ibis. 
- Papyrus of Ani

By my Spacemark -  North by West; 
To this Time when dog-days are deepest-red 
As Mars now brightest awakes the Dead 
Let flood and  Light ?  reveal the Ibis crest

Seshep-Akhu  I call thee forth 
Shining One of Black Flame 
Great scribe and priest of Maat 
I summon thee ? come forth 
In the brilliant light of Night.

I who am priest am beloved of Truth 
Maat dissolve this knot of Heka 
I who invoke the Akhu of Naton 
Now perform the rite of the 1*1

I release maat upon you..

My spell is scribed on the throne of Thoth 
My voice is the comity of stars 
I Rise up thru the ages of sand 
I am stone whose water flows thru black land 
From a deep coiled well ? from South  to North I Go 
My sorcery to bind the will that bends light and future to man 

By the double-wanded ones: Hrumakhu and Naton 
Come forth polisher of Light 
Come forth from thrice awaken’d Sleep

I summon Truth to return to Now. 
I summon  with a strength of secret and few: 
I who have bound nothing now bind you

I  High priest of Maat I ancient scribe of Thoth 
I who need not be am  Opener and Deed of she-who-moves 
By all that is sacred  - Black Flame 
Silent voice of an Age yet to come 
I am thy child crowned with light ? I who have sowed the seed I spring 
Thru Time ? by the same mouth come forth:

Seshep-Akhu:-   Shining One  who dwells in Duat. 
I-Seshep-Akhu  who walk now here with the children of Maat



I have eaten Maat, I have swallowed the magick of Heka… - CT 107 

As the power of my Spell grows with lengthening shadow 
As the voice of Her word is returned to the tongue by the same mouth: 
As It begins: I am  a-wing -   spellborne upon  pranu ;

May we be guided by  Maat 
May we  move across all great divisions of Time 
 In the mouth of the emerald hawk.

This that rises  now upon phoenix wings 
This to re-awakened from sleep: 
This  to burn all that is false to the heart of maat away ?

 Now, brilliant light whose spell  comes forth from the rain of Hathor 
Now fresh fever -  my rain of stars is upon men

I who dwell in the core with the Ibis and bee 
I who call forth the great Eye of return 
I whose Spells are shaped and formed by feather-quill

…I have performed Akhut  for you, I built for you a temple for your  ka… - PT

I release Maat upon you.

May Maut tear your flesh 
May the arrows of two lands find your heart 

As you are dissolved now, all joy 
Know now, my spell is upon you 
By the same mouth 
Ahk and deed ? Sheshep-Akhu

Her Love-spell manifest was/is not/shall be Bourne. 

Inside Passage

And when I become pure water and no quarter remains 
For one, last particle of me: these two great and lesser keys 
 When nothing of I now exists  that is not now spirit in-between 
Ychronos    Cthonos

Here within the sealed mouth: spells seeded by the light of stars to lift up Man, Scribed by the hand and watchful eye of Thoth as Maat weighs the heart whose Coiled joy  now awakens word upon another Ages tongue

Spells for Truth & Balance whose wings rise with each breath of pranu 
Spells  to heal the Heart of Man 
Spells to Open Mouth and Eye 
Spells now, astir  with life herein 
 Spell & knot of Heka whose sandals rise to walk 
Spells to spring ? call forth memory from silent lips 
Spells of   star-lit secret-seed whose flower mates with Bee 
 Lotus-bloom outside the circle of Time

Into this House whose temple flame burns brightest 
For scale and flame ? I am come forth 
Into this House whose walls are living Light 
I enter my House of still  and cool shade

Where all that is thirst, now is light and mead 
From the desert Spell-spring of Thoth this rise of words 
By tzaddi’s hook feeds past and future equally : 
 Magic-akhu memory caught in open mouth 
The lake of  eternity now filled  by pure waters of return:-

As body becomes a cloak of feathered fire left behind 
And I dissolve into nothingness as She passes my ka by Heka 
Thru a mouth whose word shall rise again with the waters of Sothis: 
The seal is broken. 
The red clay pot that once held my existence is smashed 
 By Maat into the vision of one million stars.

Flesh consumes  company ? Light  releases  hidden mystery 
Opens whose keep is stone more wise than seen; 
Buried beneath the  image of the  Child-god of gold. 
Now my  unveiling by She who moves Thoth …

 …I await Judgement inside an invisible Underworld that only seems now, not to exist: beneath this ancient temple; raised by hands and faces now descended into Past; built along the great river ?Life.

No less obvious is the subtlety of sharpened sensitivity whose head and neck wait patiently, clean-shaven, after fast, and dressed in the fresh white linen whose cotton grows just outside  these guarded gates of  Heart ?  patient, constant only thru vigilance , the bowed-head of my lifetime here, now again beneath an edge whose sword is Mother of All Truth:

And if there is no mercy, nor pity to be found here; my last request now is this: 
May the black feather of Maat weigh no more than I;  and  guide me now; grant; thru each of the12 perilous Houses of Night to final dissolution of Self  as head is liberated here by sword thru neck, heart and known body; into that great abyss whose only certainty that life shall one day teach my soul a gain;  is a daily journey of known into unknown; whose success must balance this:

Quick mind, strong Will, doubled-edge sword, with Love.

 Love,  dwell now here: inside these walls of the Still City that is constantly built with each second of Time, each grain of sand, amidst the infinite stars who dwell  inside this great desert of soul called Night.

30/31 Aug 03 Hod working continues…

The House of Horus


I am a shade grove of sycamore beyond time and wind. 
I am She who suckles life with  flood and light. 
Iam the House,  the Hour,  the Quarter circle squared. 
I am a threefold mystery  whose veil has seven  names.

 Red Eye  of the Black Land;   Turquoise  Daughter  -  West. 
I am the Golden One who is shed upon that purple bed 
And now, by my flowing ribbon of red is your Love bound to me.

This is my Palace of all pleasure and drunkenness 
These are my faces upon each column  of four doors 
The opening of my image burns now before you 
In one million mirrors of copper and milk.

You who enter here  by the Utterances I adore 
My sign I have given you now goes below 
 As another fresh Spell of Ra= Heka  rises 
Now, seeks only me whose lick is shade to sycamore

Here you who have made a secret door. 
Here you who are priest 
Here you who are king. 
Here you who are magickian

Now lay again with me in the House of the Sky. 


I am a soul who has gone before 
Priest and keep of silent mystery 
King and body now dissolved.

I am the knot whose magick binds Time 
Opener of the mouth whose word is mine 
Prophet and servant of the lovely star.

Now as future streams from starlit past 
Mine is a shadow pre and ancient cast

This Time, this Place this heart of man, 
I who have life and death and light beyond 
I now shed the akhu of Naton upon you 
You who balance heart & feather 
To You now  the children of Maat 
Rise up now here upon  a spell whose breath 
And Well are drawn from all the Ages of Time

I am One  and All  in the clear light before you 
May my  deeds reveal the Just Heart of Truth 
My footprints mark this path thru flood and sand

Strange child poured forth from the open lips of Naton 
You are the brilliant  light of an age yet to come 
Guide and rich soil for this seed of great akhut come forth 
Whose way is open thru above and below 


This is the way beyond the weigh 
Passage of light thru Night 
Come forth again to Day.

The way to the House of H orus 
The way to the House of Life 
Thru the temple of Hathor

This is the place of Set and Sothis. 
This is the sun I love beyond the one 
I am the child whose time becomes 
House of Light ? Mid-weigh of Day 
Whose milk flows from Andromeda 
And the great spells of Heka dwell 
Now, here with me.

Hear me! 
I am priest . I am king. I am magickian 
I am the ground now found. 
Mine is the Victory of my eye returned 
I am the victorious omnipresence that rules continuity. 
I am steel forged from the heart of the silent-child

Strange child who creates me 
 Black pearl of crystal lotus 
Thy ocean is lapis-lazuli.

Thrice upraised I go ? make weigh 
To the Great House of Horus

Between these uplifted arms 
I am  one now Bornless in the mouth of Heka

Beyond the Horns of Hathor 
I am come forth to the comity of stars 
Now here found.


Unobstructed Cobra

IT is the quiet hour of twilight 
Where the incense of natron burns 
And Hramachis begins to rise 
In the House of Spells.

Here is our secret Place I know 
Where Joy becomes a coiling snake 
And again this now is holy ground 
Where rain, milk and light are shed over you.

With your sign I have entered 
Into the Temple of Hathor  we are come.

By the wings of this spell hence cast 
By the creep of beetles come forth 
Called now thickened 
By the silent voice: 
Spell and Utterance 
Whose Day is yet to come 
Whose Night has only past…

I who breathe again in the temple of Hathor 
I that am now Invisible - in rain, milk and light 
To you I arise ? I awake. I walk the black land.

Each step becomes a ray of starlit journey 
Gathered up to you who rules midday 
I return to the sky. I now join the company of stars 
My hours dwell within the House of Horus.

By ferment and foam - by torrent and swoon 
Thru the silence the ages stream 
Four currents now carry me in thee.

I have eaten the bread of life 
To nourish after my life 
That breath shall again be drawn 
From the well of the dog-stars eye.

Free am I of wheel 
Free am I of veil 
Free am I of time.

We are come ? we are the light shed. 
We are libation ? milk whose spell 
Is protection and nourishment 
For the akhut of Maat.

Into the laughter  and leap 
Within the river we flow 
I  have gone forth with the head of the hawk 
Yours is the weigh of word and deed.

IT is the quiet hour of twilight 
Where the incense of natron burns 
And Hramachis begins to rise 
In the House of Spells.

An Open Past

I remember when time  knew you: 
Nights of shared mead and mystery 
Sacred grove of star & snake 
A rose of dawn long after we rise and danced again 
As  cup and sword and stone are gathered 
by black flame and double-wanded One 
These lives that dwelt with you:- 
That masque whose Age was Youth 
Our mass of phoenix born 
Each sunset on and thru the West 
 Single egg that here still rests 
Pantancle of Horus-Maat 
upon the  altar of us all..

These are other Lives - 
Spirit -feast, mortal flesh,  ripen moon once more. 

Naton before me 
Maat between me 
Eye of  Thoth below 
Omnipresence of Nu above

In the shadow of an emerald hawk 
Tooth of apophis in the heart of a dove 

And now, these are my two hands again 
I who raised these iron-fallen keys 
Between each silent sealed lip

I who open each aeons unspoken word 
I who raised each ancient spell in turn 
This is final. This is the 4th and final day 
The spell of opening the mouth 
I ,  am bound   now by maat   Deed.

I who am Sekhen-Akh, 
I call thee forth Seshep-Akhu