Horus Maat


The Writings of Shade

I think I can say that I am likely Shade’s oldest friends, at least one of them. I am in all but biological reality his brother. We met and became pals when our mutual fascination and interest in things occult helped us collide in NYC in 1972- we were 14. He was working at the Warlock Shop (soon to become the Magickal Childe) and was already at that age immersed in, well, everything occult. Soon I was a regular at Pagan Way gathering, sat at the Shop as he worked there (volunteered...it was the 70s) and met a ton of heavy occult pagan and wicca folks as they came through, only later did I realize what a nexus of the exploding occult revival I was at. Soon I was an initiated Witch (at 14) and Shade was my same-age High Priest! It was wild. We soon formed a magick nexus of other ‘kids’ and dove into everything occult- jumping off from Paganism and Wicca- doing chaos magick before there was such a thing and essentially ignoring all limits and restrictions and trying & learning everything occulty- Wicca, Ceremonial Magick, Thelema, Gematria, Cabala,Tarot, I Ching, Runes, multiple-pantheons & grimoires/BOSs, GD, ALL authors, Crowley, Spare, Grant- you name it, we devoured and practiced it- and our very ‘unorthodox’ approach led to amazing results. By 1979 we had an occult journal we were publishing (Mandragore) and had discovered and been illuminated by Nema, her work and her intensive correspondence as well as our growing involvement with so many other groups such as several OTOs, Many Wicca trads, Pagan Way, Church of All Worlds, CES, Fereferia, Cult of Isis and on and on- all very pre computers:) In 1979 we went to meet and pow wow with Nema and - bam- formed the Horus Maat Lodge

ALL this time Shade was scribbling, we called him Frater Tahuti, and this insane, brilliant, wretched, illuminating mess of a manuscript is the main nexus of ALL his occult wisdom- which is/was VERY extensive. I can guarantee that no one had a larger more complete occult library than he or more carefully filled journals and notebooks.

Shade is now suffering from a disease that has severely limited his ability to continue his Great Work. and he has asked me to make what is digitally existing or scannable of his work available, so I am doing my best. This collection of his documents is a good beginning.

Also know that much of his other published work appear in various issues of Silverstar

Don’t let the chaos fool you, there are treasures within waiting for you.

Love & Will

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