Horus Maat



Although purists may complain, I see Eastern Tantra and Western Alchemy as two versions of the same thing: sex magick. Both can be employed to charge a ritual or general Working with tremendous power for causing change to occur in conformity with Will. I have occasionally encountered colleagues on the initiatory path, however, who dislike the idea of sex magick, seeing it as being a kind of prostitution of the deepest expression of love between partners.

In my own experience, Magick and love enhance each other; sex and love are not necessarily linked, nor are Magick and sex. Experienced mages, under ideal conditions, prefer the presence of all three factors, but not all are needed for the powers of Tantra and Alchemy to work. Some definitions might be useful at this point.

Aleister Crowley’s definition of Magick hasn’t been surpassed, in my opinion: “Magick is the Science and the Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.” This includes influencing the world around us as well as working on our own personal transformation. Tantra, again as I see it, is the prolongation of pre-orgasmic tension without strain to achieve ecstatic states of  consciousness and personal disappearance. Alchemy is the direction of sexual tension and release to power willed change in the material world, as well as in more rarified worlds.

In Western Magick, Alchemy is considered on two levels: in the ancient physical sense of athanors, alblemics, the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life, and in the sexual sense where the human body is a laboratory that can make properly charged elixirs. In general, Tantra seems more suitable for Inner exploration and the discovery of metaphysical information,   while Alchemy seems designed more for the working of your will on your surroundings.

In either event, there are various ways of employing the benefits of sex magick in your path.  The first approach presents few problems; autoeroticism is simpler and easier than working with a partner, even though it doesn’t provide the full spectrum of energy types that are divided between men and women. Homosexual workings need more research and reporting, but I would assume that the ethical considerations would apply.

Working in Tantra and Alchemy as an initiated, experienced couple is the default mode and  best-case scenario. You have unity of purpose, familiarity with the way your bodies and spirits work together, and some degree of mastery of energy flow and of the directing of the magickal current(s) of the universe. Not only do you express your mutual love, but you send it beyond yourselves in shared will for the greater good. You can proceed equally well in Eastern and Western aspects of the Art, and you can work both spontaneously and deliberately.

There’s no essential conflict in this arrangement, and no inherent ethical problems.  What do you do in the situation where you are a mage and your partner isn’t, though? Does Tantra or Alchemy intrude upon the attention and total engagement that your partner deserves?  Not necessarily, when you’ve prepared a talisman or sigil and your word of power in advance for use at the right time. When passion moves the two of you to unite sexually, devote yourself to it completely. In the afterglow, when your partner drifts into sleep, briefly visit your altar, or have the symbol nearby, to anoint it with the elixir. A lover ignorant of Magick by that name is not being “used”, but is being cherished and held holy by the initiated lover, blessed and flooded by the essence of love under will.

To me, there’s no higher form of love-making than that imbued with Magick, and used with understanding and wisdom. It enhances, not encumbers. Love is the law-­love under will.

Author’s note. The subjects of Tantra and Alchemy cover vast territory, even though they’re subdivisions of the even larger fields of Magick and Metaphysics. If you have a particular aspect of it you’d like to see opined upon, let our editor know. N.