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Dagadz from the Aetts by Shade Vedhrfolnir
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By Shade Vedhrfolnir

Beneath a raven banner
Weaving in wild winds
I find victory’s spear
In the flow of song
Runes from the mouth
Of the one-eyed god.

On the gallows-tree
I hang nine days
Made mad with mead
Of the eagle’s flight
I drink in turn
From Mimir’s well.

The first I call Power of Wealth
Glitter of gold
Wild fires, flood tides.

The second I call the Wild Bull
Strength of the beast
Iron of the forge.

The third I call Sharp Thorn
Thunder-Hammer of Thor
The storm-giant’s foe.

The fourth I call God’s Mouth
When Odin speaks wisdom
Breath works the Will.

The fifth I call Long Journey
Where wheels the Sun’s wain
A ship sails dark seas.

The sixth I call Pine-Torch
Fire of the making
Skills of the smith.

The seventh is Gift Freely-given
Where all are joined
In Love’s embrace.

The eighth I call Joy’s Laughter
A tree of golden apples
That gives immortal youth.

Eight and one I call Hail-Stone
Birthed in the storm
Making fruitful the earth.

Eight and two I call Need-Fire
That binds and sets free
Flame of hunger reborn.

Eight and three I call Ice-Bridge
Bifrost the rainbow
Caught in clear crystal.

Eight and four I call Year’s Harvest
The wheel returning
Grows golden grain.

Eight and five I call World-Yew
That holds nine worlds
Where Sleipnir rides.

Eight and six I call Lot-Box
Casting Fate’s fortunes
The Norns have decreed.

Eight and seven I call Elk-Sedge
Shield of the hand
High horns of the hart.

Twice eight I call Sun-Stone
Golden brightness of sky
Speed in the sailing.

Third and one I call Tyr-Star
Binding honor and oath
Granting victory in battle.

Third and two I call Birch-Tree
White goddess in green leaves
Jeweled with Brisingamen bright.

Third and three I call Twin Horses
That draw moon and sun
That turn day and night.

Third and four I call Man-Child
Who rides with the Hawk
To wander the worlds.

Third and five I call Water-Fall
Life-giver, herb-healer
Force of the flow.

Third and six I call Ing’s Wain
Frey’s peace on the land
Beacon blazing on the mound.

Third and seven I call Day’s Light
Opening of eyes by
Odhroerir’s blood-mead.

Thrice eight I call Home’s Hearth
Center of things
Where roads end.