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Nuit Maat
by Nema

Galaxies glitter in Mandelbrot frothing.
spinning as snowflakes, lace ice of glaciers.
The song of light throbs with binary drumbeats.
Spectral harmonies of spectrum lines
weave a ghostly choir
of open vowels and dissonance resolved,
then warped again in chords becoming matter.
Quartertones cascade like chill champagne,
and bubblestars rise dancing
in the flute of spacetime,
bursting on the tongue of Truth,
sparkling as She speaks.
The silence of Her word
strikes all locks open.
Everywhere, founts radiant in starspate
spin the tide of gravity.
Only planetside, occultus,
or in the great dark nebulae
or in the black hole’s mystery
may Shadow bide.
In the Deep, beyond the stars in their curved planes,
is that which waits.
In silence I listen,
in darkness I watch,
and motionless, I dance.
Where light goes, goes space and time.
Designing and defining,
the sacred radiance spins out worlds.
Within the dark, eternity abides,
absolved from space and time
absolved from light,
and all the veils its coruscation spins.
Within the dark, mystery draws near,
the holy state of the unknown
on the point of revelation--
the errant breeze becomes electric velvet.
Within the dark, Nothing can be seen.
mother of the stars—
womb dark   tomb dark—
let the joy explode
in plumes and veils of light.