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All spiritual banishing comes from the same concept- There is some negative spiritual force(s) (Entities, Ghosts, Energies) that do/does not belong in a specific time/ place and the Banisher is ordering it (bann) to GO! The actual banishing may send the spirit or entity ‘back’ where it/they came from. It may be actually destroying or dispersing or absorbing the negative influence/entity or it may simply be ‘cleaning’ a place or person
(purifying) who has become spiritually tainted in some way.
It may be that the negative spiritual force is seen as embodied in a person (a psycho killer?) or be within a person (a possession?) but often the negative spiritual force is in a place or space.
    What follows is a number of cross-culturally believed  and used methods, techniques and procedures for spiritual banishing. Most of them are purely ‘metaphysical’ in nature, meaning there is no rational or empirical explanation for why they work. For example, garlic keeps all sorts of evil spirits away, not just vampires, according to beliefs in a number of different countries.
Yet, of course, there is no scientific basis for this belief or even the belief in ‘evil energies.’
    Many people justify the use of spiritual banishing from a psychological point of view. Tribal shamans are, for example, often allowed into hospital rooms to banish evil spirits from tribal believers. These banishings ‘work’ in that the healing of the patient is often significantly improved due to ‘the power of belief.’ Similarly, curses and a belief in evil spiritual powers, according to the psychological model, can ‘cause’ many physical and mental problems and in such cases it is only spiritual remedies that can put an end to such curses and afflictions.
    Frankly, it is the belief of this author that there is considerable gray area here. Clearly no one argues that the mind, the body and the emotional health interconnect and interpenetrate and affect, positively or negatively, each person. Belief is a powerful tool, faith healing does sometimes work, hypnotherapy has data behind it and things like MRIs show us that crucial parts of the human body are energetic and not physical. This book does not seek to prove or disprove the concept of spiritual banishing, but we will note that it has proven a powerful and effective tool
throughout the thousands of years of human history, for whatever reason.
    You reading this who have spiritual beliefs or who may be religious, regardless of what religious tradition you follow, also believe in a spiritual basis for reality and for human existence. If, in fact, we are spiritual beings in a spiritual universe, then the theory behind spiritual banishing is real: By banishing the ‘underlying’ energetic basis for a problem then you banish the problem. Now, this isn’t so for off from clinical psychiatry’s belief that by ‘resolving’ a neurosis or psychological block, overt symptoms will disappear. In any event, these spiritual banishing techniques and procedures are offered as tools in whatever way you wish to use them. They are traditional in origin but simplified and modern in presentation.  I tried to survey many different cultures and traditions and chose the techniques that seemed to be the most widely used and believed.
May they prove helpful in whatever way you use them!


It will be redundant (not to mention repetitive) if a detailed procedure is laid out for every one of these sections or for each banishing technique, thus this section is important to read before going on. The first and foremost crucial concept behind spiritual banishing is that you are clear on YOUR spiritual belief system and that you are at least somewhat consistent in how you see those beliefs affecting you and your reality.

 What follows is the basic procedure for spiritually banishing:

•    Be clear on the spiritual beliefs and worldview you are operating in.
•    IDENTIFY- Identify the spiritual issue at hand and identify the negative spiritual force- or forces involved- as much as possible
•    Make sure the person or the place to be banished is physically clean
•    NEVER banish a person or a place if there is outright disagreement about banishing
•    PREPARE yourself spiritually for the banishing. This isn’t like running an errand! Pray, fast, purify yourself,
meditate before the banishing: whatever your beliefs call for.
•    REALIZE – the focus and Willpower and the Love of the Banisher is crucial to the success of a banishing.
•    PRAY- At the beginning and the end of a banishing, use prayers/chants/invocations etc. of your faith that
call upon higher powers or which call upon your innate divine spiritual power
•    KEEP IT SIMPLE focused and one-minded.
•    ALWAYS- gets a reality check from the person being banished or from a trusted observer when banishing a place.
•    BE FLEXIBLE! If one spiritual banishing doesn’t seem work, try another. Combine techniques- be creative and intuitive.
•    REPLACE THE NEGATIVE WITH POSITIVE- after banishing; call forth POSITIVE spiritual, mental, physical and emotional energy to heal/help.



Note on Visualizing:
Visualizing or ‘seeing in your mind’ the spiritual forces and banishings going on is, by all accounts, CRUCIAL to the effectiveness of all banishing as is BELIEF that this will work. All the tools, herbs, etc. are made effective by these things. So, as you do a banishing, you (and anyone who is being purified through banishing by you) need to create and follow your own Visualization script in your mind. Often this looks like so:
1)    ‘See’ with the mind’s eye the negative energies/energy- often it is dark, gray, and brown or ‘cloud’- it may be visualized as an evil entity,
ghost or monster form etc.- up to you and your beliefs.
2)    As the banishing occurs, this negative force becomes agitated, moves around etc.
3)    As the force of the banishing peaks, the negative force is banished- it either flees (back to Hades?), disintegrates in the air, sinks into the earth, is burned up in fire, dispersed in water or is ‘captured’ in some way in a thing and is then disposed of.

Coordinating visualizing with praying/chanting and ritual actions is the key to all effective banishing.

Hint: Practice first!

Note on herbs and natural tools:
Many spiritual traditions say that the harvesting or cutting of special herbs, plants, flowers, stones, earth and other natural materials used in a banishing should be gathered at a special time: Often the new moon day is recommended for banishing materials, or a ‘power’ day like an equinox or solstice or a holy day like All Souls Day. Also, the knife or scissors or blade used when cutting plants is said to be important- do not use iron. Silver or gold seems preferred, though many mention aluminum as a good ‘neutral’ metal to use.
Again, these are simply traditional beliefs, but INTENT is crucial to a banishing and preparations are a key part of focusing intent.

Note- re; Astrology: For those interested in astrological apporpriacy, Banishing is ruled by: The new moon, Saturn,
Mars, Pluto- the signs associated are Capricorn, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Note on Charging:
Items used in banishing, be they symbols, herbs, stones or whatever are often ‘charged’ before their use. The belief is that in a spiritual ritual like banishing, it is the force and power of both the banisher and the collected items/words/actions that cause the positive spiritual effect. Therefore, all items should be purified, centered and ‘charged’ with potent spiritual power. Centering and purification has been addressed, charging is thus: Imbuing an item or substance with a ‘charge’ of potent positive spiritual energy before banishing.
This can be done a number of ways and, of course, it depends on YOU and what your spiritual reality is.
Some of the most common ways to charge an item are:
•    ‘Charge’ the item(s) with a prayer, chant, sacred song or mantra by holding them in your hands and directing spiritual energy into them.
•    Place the item(s) in a sacred place (the altar of a church, on a large crystal, in an ancient ruin etc.)
and leave it there for a period of time. Prayers etc. may also be involved.
•    Get the item(s) from a person or place that has already charged them. From a Botanika, the hands of a priest, from a sacred field or well etc.
•    Let them absorb a charge from a celestial or terrestrial body: Leave the item(s) in the sunlight for a period of time, or bathed in moonlight or starlight. Items may be placed on a sacred mountain, in a sacred cave, in a sacred spring etc. etc.
•    The banisher may sleep with the item(s) under the pillow, in contact with the body etc.
•    Item(s) may be charged though other actions using other powers: Banisher may charge item(s) with sexual energy,
with magnets, in ‘orgone accumulators’ and so on.

Clearly it is up to the belief, Will and creativity of the banisher!

Here, then, are a number of possible spiritual banishing procedures and techniques as gathered from a wide variety of spiritual traditions around the world. Choose, adapt, combine, alter and use as you Will! Or simply enjoy the display of a variety of interesting traditions. Whatever works, Works!

Adapted from: CLEAN SWEEP