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Harmonic Resonance and the Four Planes.

By Roger D. Ware

"that I feared the most was visited upon me". 
Our creation of the world we exist within is inherently generated within our perspective and projections. In the Hebrew tradition we reside within 4 worlds, namely; doing, feeling, thinking, and existing. What we do, feel, and think create the state of our existence. Harmonic resonance is the force that tie these four worlds together. It has been said that optimist have better lives than pessimist as they create a positive environment for their subjective encounters. This is an example of how our actions, thoughts and feelings generate the perspectives that by which we interpret our existence. Resonance represents emotion and desire channeled through spirit,and our existence changes in response to them. Such a simple thing as choosing that which we feel, think and do on a daily basis and consciously making an effort to reflect the same principal in each area allows for harmony to exist in all four worlds. When we allow reactions caused by previous events to shape our current existence we give birth to non harmonic resonance within our daily lives. I see the universe like a child-like force that is willing to please us in our expressed desires. Though when we give conflicting signals in our actions, feelings and thoughts, like offering a child cake while telling them no and slapping at their out stretched hand, we create naught but confusion. The art therefore, in my humble opinion, is creating harmony between actions, feeling and thought, so we send a clear message of our desires for the universe to fulfill in our daily living. To state to the universe that we desire love, while invoking negative thoughts about the surrounding world and feeling frustrated in our daily endeavors, such as commuting through traffic, or feeling overloaded with a work schedule or task at hand, just creates a balance of negative energy at the end of the day, leaving us feeling misunderstood, unhappy, confused and distressed. I feel we must take an active role in each of the four worlds of existence and consciously harmonize them to create the world we desire to live in. Learn to Act, not react, I was taught by a wise man many years ago, and his words echo in my heart as I talk of harmonic vibrations. It is easy to be frustrated when we judge others harshly, but when we stop and try to find something of ourselves in them it creates sympathy for their struggles rather than confusion and anger. If we try to see ourself in the world around us we become more open and sharing, rather than closed and defensive. I consider an open and sharing state to be necessary for maintaining spiritual love as an active force in my life. So, for myself, I must therefore consciously maintain that openness and sharing state in my actions, feelings, and thoughts to exist in a state of love. Many spiritual traditions teach that through maintaining a state of thankfulness and gratitude we can create a harmonic resonance that brings us closer to God. If one desires joy and peace it would make sense to actively participate in those things that create such a state, rather than fill ones life with worry, fear, and regret,
as these things have a tendency to attract, through
harmonic resonance, much dis-ease in our life. Logically worry, fear, and regret cannot create a state of joy and peace, nor can they promote healing. They beget unhealthy fruit or existence, for the mind is the tree that begets, and when the mind resonates with unhealthy,
non life affirming energies then how can we help but create ourselves as a sorrowful being.
When we choose to resonate appreciation, gratitude, and understanding in our actions, thoughts and feelings, we create a healthy existence full of joy
and abundance. By a process of conscious choice we can create the world we desire, and in doing so provide a living light and example for others to realize their creative powers thereby. It becomes an act of Will through which we manifest love, every action and feeling reflecting a striving of thought toward uniting our existence in harmony. By awareness of the four worlds of existence we can begin to honor and respect ourselves and cherish what we have to offer to the universe. In creating harmony in our actions, thoughts and feelings we create a oneness that allows the miracles of existence to be expressed in resonance with our desires. Peace, love, happiness, joy are all things we must seek within and by act of will bring into alignment through our four worlds. I do not promise the efforts will be easy nor do I say the ordeals will be simple. What I do say is that by process of challenging our reactions and facing each of these four worlds with determination and perseverance we will gain spiritual insights that will give us the strength of character necessary to continue our path toward understanding. As our harmonic resonance becomes more balanced it gives more stability and security. When we develop the means of recognizing the tendencies toward fearful reactions, those things which deny life rather than embrace it, we have the opportunity, by act of will, to choose between fear and love. Only by seeking to make every action, thought, and feeling in harmony with our divine nature can we obtain the spiritually correct orientation in every occasion. Love is an act of will and by seeking to resonate love through the fours worlds of existence we align ourself with intent of the universe and dissolve the illusions of separateness.
We cease being divided and instead become a reflection of the universe created through and by an act of Love under Will.