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Frater PVN (Alobar)

A Rose by any other name would be as sweet,
    The Flower of Daäth opens our Throat,
While the Trident of SET makes up her rootlet Feet;
    Yet the Vortex Tunnel beckons to Eat   
The Un-warey who do but Play at Go-ing, Nightside!

Strange is this flower which exists on both sides of
the Mirror – Half her roots planted in the Light
and Half nurtured by the darkest Night.

    Yet the vortex which unites her two-halves is no
clear channel, for neither Path nor Tunnel can penetrate
this mirror which divides Day from Night.

    He flower blooms in both Yesod and Daäth and on
both sides of the Mirror as well; so True Unity appears
both dual and four-fold – hence her leaves be four
and partake of both Day & Night, though their rituals
be all worked with bodies of Dayside flesh.

    The two Tridents of Her Roots do hold-fast the
Egg of Hoor-paar-kraat,
    And about her rootlets do the worms of the
Fire Snake play;
    The nectar of her Flow-er does drive the
Kundalini wild,
    While the Set beasts play within her vortex
and spread Hound-Shit about he roots to fertilize her.
    She is the Rose crossed upon the Tree from
Daäth to Yesod and from Day to Night,
    Her rootlets twist & churn to produce kalas
of delight;
    By he four leaves is She worshiped & through
these secret rites will her Flow-er bloom,
    Then will dame Kundalini rise to be drunk upon
the nectar of the Rose and in that drunken-ness will
we be slain so that the Phœnix can live again!

—Dayside/Nightside Interface: Gateway to Sexual Magick: The ROSE of ChARON.
A poem by Frater PVN for re-veiling Sexual Alchemy / Trident of Set & Guadriga Sexualis: Two Keys to Magickal Alchemy / Lifecycle of the Kundalini Serpent: Mythological Allegory (West Danby: Boleskine House, 1980 and 1984), pages 121-3.

NOTE: The complete notes to the text and image need to be read for the entire system of
The Rose of Charon to be understood-

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