C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
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Being the Valedictory Oration of a Master of the Temple.

Frater Adamas in his guise as
Mr. Jason F. Louv of America, Earth.

1. One is the source, one is the projection, one is the field.

2. Behold the glittering company of heaven.

3. In all that comes, and goes, and remains there is but one.

4. Waking from my loneliness, in the field of stars I am.

5. Every man and woman is a star. Do what thou wilt for there is no law.

6. For what remains to distract me from myself?

7. Each star remains fixed in its orbit, perfectly congruent with every other.

8. Behold the harmony of the spheres, of the cosmos in perfect time.

9. The romantic comedy of Pan.

10. The howl of the horned god, clutching himself in ecstasy.

11. Mirror mirror on the wall!

12. I am the fairest for I am all!

13. These pyramids send their lights to space, yea, to space.

14. Burning in ecstasy I am.

15. What is time, or space, or mind to one such as us?

16, Narrative tension.

17. A fire kindles on the other side of WE.

18. And WE are not Legion.

19. There is a scream which demarcates the line between human and inhuman.

20. There is a laugh which may rend a universe.

21. But the cosmic crime has been redeemed.

22. WE are.

23. (Home again.)