Horus Maat


Book of the Feathery NamesLiber 878  Liber 434 and Liber 909 

Following text manifested to the Horus Maat lodge for 12. 31.

New Moon aligment with Galactic Centre 11*  ritual; by browsing randomly trough lodge's 2003-05 cyber archives; vajra cutting out  atom-like prajna clips out of sea of illuminated fractals of on-going communications  and pasting them non-lineary in a energized whole.

In this process  most  of „I's“, „Me's“ and „Mine's“ were annihilated and ressurected as various quotes, passages, debates, sentences, poems, rituals etc. mutate alchemy, politics, art, praxis, dreams, paradigms, memes...  and project global  consiousness as many different anonymous authors evolovment and love/will  sum total transcends limited individual perception trough double-current initiation.

This synchrognosis resulted is para-palimpsetic meta-manual; a retro-futro prophetic wisdom jewel terma produced by magickal sangha, primum-mobilum that sets in motion perpetuum mobile; prima materia birthing the Magickal Child of N'Aton.

Assembled with chaognostic pronoia by Frater Satananda the three trans-maatian texts were bound in

Book of the Feathery Names

Liber 878
Per N'atonomicon

Version 0.0.0
Luna in Antares, Sol in Nunki

In contemplating the three 'veils of negative existence', find a link/ tie/ equivalence between them and the Abyss of the Tree of Life.
In some spiritual dimensions, the abyss that divides the Supernals and the Infernals does seem infinite nothing and infinite light, a total barrier to the 'ascending' Seeker. OTOH,  If Nothing separates the realms of duality and unity, then there's no barrier to a step over the borderline.

Contemplation of Binah throne function i.e. to free humanity from toil and drudgery and stress inducing cliques... in all places of industry.  Office politics/factory politics. This is why black aeon aspirants run to monastries.  Contrary to leftist view of history feudalism was not brutish slavery but engendered harmony between the YHVH 4 sacred classes...perhaps.  When the nuts and bolts of feudalism began to buckle and loosen then the middle class and the masses didnt keep to  their obsolete place.
The subsequent result was liberation but also confusion-struggle-hellish status anxieties....abuse of democratic empowerment.....road rage/supermarket car park rage/telemarketing rage/feminist rage i.e. the Aeon of War.  Yes maybe Liber Al was some kind of unbalanced twisted code of conduct for a world gone mad......solutions as follows

Carl Jung says, in his biography "Memories, Dreams and Reflections" that, "Dreams are, after all, compensations for the conscious attitude."
Remember the movie, 2001, A Space Oddessy, where Arthur C. Clark put out a really neat vision of humans exploring the Moon and going to Jupiter by this time.  Instead we collectively dreamed our worst nightmare.

The ultimate point is to merge the Dayside and the Nightside Pyramids to fully manifest the Star Body. This manifests the Balance of Maat, the substratum of Reality, true gnosis that can distinguish the real from the unreal. In our out of Balance society, Phenomena are obviously regared as Very Real.

N'Aton symbolizes bringing in something brand new into the
collective, like some divine honey.  Some balm of amrita to heal the wounds.

N'Aton isn't leading mankind, but is the egregore of mankind who is leading itself.   It is the collective perspective.

"Political" and "economic" system in the Aeon of Ma'at would be
more akin to what Wilhelm Reich termed "Work-democracy," and which anarchist theory refers to as "anarcho-syndicalism."  Individuals and cooperatives would consciously and knowingly find their needed place in a collective economy
of production.  Art, music, magick, and other yet-unknown forms of creative endeavor would be viewed as of equal importance with food-providing, etc.  by such a society.

What needs to happen is a kind
of Astral Web of Consciousness. The how conscious the
results of a movement is, is how conscious the efforts
of its members/cells are.
Illuminated Magickal Politics—it is a way of working
and thinking about the politic of magick and art.
Seeing the Macrocosmic Manifestation of N'Aton in the
World as the vision of the Strangler Fig of The
Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The revolution will not only be televised.  It will be  dreamed too.

We seek not to reach for the stars at the at the cost of others'
fear and pain.
Know you wise ones if you would realise the power of blood,
that the Light is in your own blood.
When you are aware of the flow of blood within you, you
are aware of Life and Light and Power.

Drink eternity.
From fountains it's fluids foaming intoxicants of knowledge.
Prophets planting seeds over countrysides roaming,
Love is showing, showering truthful words and idealogies
geographically interconnecting.
Validating collectives multidimensionally joined in karmic union.
Reincarnating scripts rewritten...


East:   MAAT, speak the Word of Truth!
South:   MAAT, share the Light of Justice!
West:   MAAT, be the Way of Balance!
North:   MAAT, heal the Order of the World!
Center:   MAAT above me, MAAT below me, MAAT embracing All,
Dwell in my Heart, give Life to the Future, give Birth to the Child!


May the Magick Child view the Nightside and the Dayside of the Tree of Life.  May each of us awaken our own inner child genius!  Presumptuous that Na’ton must be only a human, I call upon the possibility that Bareth, Matas, Eight'On, Yam Satar, Nam the Magick Child can be a hybrid:  Dolphin-Alien-Human Star Child.  Homo Veritas, serving as both a Magikal Model and a seed-crystal around which the New Species can form itself.

I- yod-virgo-HERMIT-the seed of the work, illuminating from within,

A- aleph-air-FOOL-the seed of illumination coming into perception through inspiration and intuitive air, the seed of idea in motion,

M- mem-water-THE HANGED MAN- the womb which the seed is placed,

S- samekh-sagitarius-ART-synthesis, union of the seed in the fertile womb and the birth of the idea balanced in reconcilation of

T- teth-leo-LUST- the magickal application of the seed through directed will and energy courageously created,

A- aleph-air-FOOL- the coming influx of the magickal idea/seed in minds realization,

R- resh-sun-THE SUN- the balanced and harmonious manifestation of the
original idea/seed.

I believe in the power of magick to plant seeds which manifest in
The world: from vision to art to movement to paradigm to transformation of the world. I believe in alchemy, turning rage into compassion, inertia into change, war into peace, famine into feast, death into birth. And I believe that out of this awakening from nightmare, the golden child of a future transformation will be born to humanity.

May N'aton womanifest into form from formlessness!

Liber 434   

 To  PraNU-MaaTherion

Version 1.1.1
Luna in Shaula, Pluto in Sabik

As individuals become more separate and different,
they are more recognizably UNIque. Uniqueness and
identity are closely connected and identification of
individuals makes their control that much easier. To
counter this, one needs to be able to transform into
other things, and not have a kind of fixed identity
within any kind of identifiable group, nor even
signature Ego traits. Consciousness has no true
qualities, so therefore it can manifest in any form,
change into any form— more corectly prevade and haunt
any form. In contrast with Consciousness you have the
All is One, or the Mind of All Minds, which is all
qualities, and the source of the Magick within
MahaaMaaya, a Total-Almost-Infinite Patalogy. Why
people go crazy when they enter the ALL is One, is
because they grasp tight a certain identity, a certain
perspective, instead of relaxing into seeing
everything in detail all at Once.

Time is a frequency and the vibration of the earth and its inhabitants co-relates to the movement and relationship of
Celestial bodies and the energetic configurations these relationships produce.
(But these are radically changing as a result of the galactic alignment.)
Various geometric systems have appeared throughout history as a manifestation of these (as Crowley pointed out) with their own internal symetries: harmonious unto themselves. Similarly art, mathematics, scientific theories, religious thought and philosophies have mirrored the heavens (aeons).
Maat transcends these and represents a multidimensional
Perspective with a complex weaving of interconnectedness that is all encompassing.  As such it is more reflective of the cosmic nature of things: any ever bubbling broth of fractal froth.  This planet's vibration is changing so quickly that many of our old ideas, rituals, geometries,  are being rendered as inoperative.  Such is the case with many of nature's systems when critical mass points are reached  - order breaks down and out of the creative energy and chaotic potential new centres of power arise.
The viscosity of our three dimensional earth reality is thinning.

The ease in which we can enter other dimensions is increasing.  It's time we shed our skins and embraced the aeonic shift free of the fear pain and patterns of our past geometries.  Maat represents the Golden Age: it is cosmic in nature and is of a higher order.  When these shifts manifest fully within the circle of human sentience our sociological orders will evolve from their current competitive base to a win-win type situation - yes caring about other's fate as much as our own.

Omonoia consciousness will herald a new order of peace, harmony, justice and balance.

The rituals of old are black - it's time to let go of the negative
ego/solar mind and embrace the cosmic consciousness glyphed in the Supernal Triad -
the multiplicity of possibility that exists outside the circles of Time below Plank's constant: Maat's mystic soup.

Resistance might provoke a shift in strategy of modes
of governance that alter them so fundamentally as to
be constitutive/healing rather than acting merely as a
source of constraint, as example certain patholgical
top down magickal orders having a larger membership
base that is serious magicians. Resistance takes the
form not of refusal but reinerpretation, semiotic
struggle about the meaning of ones magickal actions,
ritual karmas. Governmentality (Ma'at) and Resistance
(Horus), modern, orphaned, and adopted by those in 'as
though' power, is too often seen as a "negative
externality" that cause magickal movements to fail,
rather than having a constitutive part of rule, of
government from below.

In the Aeon of the Crown and Conquering Children the integration of Sethian/Saturnus/Aiwassian/Pan energies is a prerequisite to
Ascension...the passing of Ordeal X (along with the weaving of a number of number of `true´ dharmas.)

Sirius transmits a 6th dimensional reality and Plaeides a 5th; a
Natural alliance in transmiting the Unity consciousness has been created.

Take INITIATION, when you initiate something, you bring up everything, the positive and the shadow.  Just initiating the 'good' or the 'beautiful' only is a tough act to follow. When you initiate something, you bring into the equation both the positive and the negative.

Take the idea of the MIND, is runs smoothly when dealing with the TRUTH.
When confronted with a LIE, the mind will either try to deny the lie, or do everything in its power to prove the lie the truth.

If we look at the whole lie that mankind is born with SIN, we can see in this superstition where most of mankind's problems are, with our mind's
trying to grapple with that one.

When did the BIG LIE begin?  Probably when the idea of SIN originated.  It was used to control the slaves.
It probably occurred when language and alphabets where created to describe and experience in words and sentences.  We take a step backwards in describing reality, rather than experiencing it

Take cultures that predate language and writing, those of oral tradition and further back, those cultures who were telepathic. They probably
used hieroglyphics and pictures, sharing vision more directly and not having to resort to language and description.

Through a True Will based resistance those on the
bottom can modify the government above, shake it.The
title they define the masses on the bottom is slaves.
Where as those at the bottom of the pile redefining,
reinterpreting their definition of self will forces
those at the seeming top to redefine their own
existence, or lack of existence, or modify their
notion of governmentality.

Liber 909

Ad Anarchoamritomaatrix

Version 2.2.2.
Luna in Ascella, Mercury in Sargas

Are we Mind that has an electro-magnetic wave?
Or are we an Electro-Magnetic Wave that has a mind?
There is an ontological world of difference between those two
The clash between "Idealism" and "Materialism" continues ceaslessly in Western culture.

Maat ushers in the Aeon of Maat, and Horus destroys the Old Aeon of Slave Gods and patriarchy.
Maybe Messiah's aren't needed, as a Messiah comes to liberate the people with insight and wisdom that our mothers probably already instilled in us, or ought to have instilled.
Maybe a female term for messiah is MOTHER.
A male messiah comes to save us, liberate us, give us revelations, and a mother instills the curiosity to find those things naturally.

I am the darkness
And the heart of darkness
I am the void
Incarnate, moving
All Things; No Thing

We stand alone, high above a moonless starlit peak; the pyre of this watch now lit upon vulture tower, naked with  Spirit - our sovereign singularity enflamed in the Great Comity of stars.

I entered my Magickal Circle through Kether and visualized myself
outpouring into Chokmah, dynamic and forceful with an illuminating current saying "Let there be light!"
As N'Aton is borne of both male
and female energy and encompasses ALL I used ALL the energy that has ever been stored in Chokmah to bestow this Childe with ALL the Wisdom of The Universe and became The Supernal Father as I Will.

The Microcosmic Sphere of Chokmah in my Circle became the portal to the Macrocosmic Sphere of Chokmah in the Universe that "stores" the egrogore that has been built up since the beginning.

Physical models of astral landscapes
Microcosmic playgrounds of intent
Elemental mandalas, shifting spiralling wheels
Seasonally-aligned and divine
Form in the Process of BeComing...

But there He goes - all motion -
Motion itself; like a wave of sunlight
Across a field of grain.

All experiences are subjective in nature and yet there are undoubtedly parallels which can prove useful to provide some degree of classification for those who like that sought of thing.

Numbers are not real, they are a description of things.

Magick is only real if we make it real.

For example, as soon as we takes the myth of the Garden and the Fall of Man as a literal, historical event, we kill it's use as a potent symbol of the psyche. That symbol, once vibrant and able to grant us access to the greater truths behind and beyond our normal conscious awareness of reality, has now become useless.
It becomes a deceiver.

There was no garden. There was no fall. What is there is a metaphor for an experience that defies reason. To stand outside the garden in exile, facing the terrible cherubim with their flaming swords, is a metaphor for ego attachment. 
You cannot enter. 
To transcend that and slay the ego - to enter the garden - is to realize that you did not "come into" the world. You are the world.
Tat tvam asi.
You are the Garden and you may eat of the Fruit of the Tree.

Yoga/Tao/Zen/Tantra are the same as Magick in that they are the conscious manipulation of energy.

Kether can see the whole Tree spinning out from it--not as a rigid
scaffolding or ladder, but as a ribbon with a half-twist in its length.
When "Malkuth resolves into Kether again" (or vice versa), the Tree becomes a Moebius strip.

Meditation on the idea that the existence of Daath is necessary to
preserve the completeness or ten-ness of the Tree after the "Fall" of Malkuth.

The truth of a myth is boundless, personal, and ever changing as we change. Each of us must experience it on our own terms, like the Knights of the Grail myth who could not follow an already existing trail into the wilderness but instead had to forge ahead on their own. We, like those Knights, must cut our own path into the wasteland if we are to discover the Ground of being and the great mysteries of life.

One of the things which the Tibetan teacher discusses is the
difference between a group soul and a group mind.  In this version of the ageless wisdom, group souls do not permit alternative behaviors, any more than they exist in a real insect hive.  What we are trying to bring into existence is a group mind.
Each individual within a group mind preserves individual will, but willingly (and, hopefully, joyously) contributes that to the
whole, in recognition that the fruits of their labor are for others.

Just as the waking self is distinguished from the dreaming self by the continuity and coherence of waking experience-
... so death is  distinguished from waking experience by a further
realisation of the unity of existence, even as individual identity

What happens to our dreaming selves when we are awake?

The act of turning on the upper 4 circuits (in Leary/Wilson 8-circuit model) is the key, no matter what symbol set one uses or does not use.   There is also a whole plethora of memes floating around which have deliberately been inculcated specifically to keep the upper circuits closed down.  Fear is very good at clamping down the bandwidth.

Promoting fear of the unknown is an effective way to lock people
in to 'narrowband' consciousness.

Fear locks people into the first chakra survival mode.

Religious and philosophical institutions, founded as they often are on myth as a historical dogma or relying on rational interpretations, choke that experience of mystery.
The map is not the territory.

This is the tower that ever rises and falls, the single mouth
That births and devours. Herein is revealed the way of incarnation, for life like all other drugs is addictive. 
The world of sensation holds two paths, of silence and of speech. The first is that of the sorrow of the mystic: all is renounced, for it seems not Self, and when all the alien dreams are abandoned then only God remains. The second is that of the ever-changing
joys of the magus: all experience is grasped, intensified, absorbed.
Turning inward and outward, they are alike. Banishment and evocation, they are the same.

Anyway, aliens, angels, atavisms, spirits, demons, gods, zen
enlightenment; are we slapping labels on nonverbal experience? Seeing the otherworld through rose-colored cultural filters?
Or just coming unstuck in time, contacting both past and future memories or aspects of our biological genetic vehicle? Is the HGA/n'Aton identical, as Future Self?