Horus Maat



1.    I am the House of Hoor, the Temple of Infinite Possibilities.
2.    I am love, pleasure, ecstasy and prosperity.
3.    The Doors of the House of Hoor open- there is a new light.
4.    I span the sky from horizon to horizon- my mottled skin- white clouds on dark-blue pelt; I am the Cow of Heaven!
5.    With my mighty horns I thrust upward and bellow, shaking the stars, opening the gates of dawn, pushing up, with my mighty muscles, the sun disc!
6.    Through the gate of my horns!
7.    Up over the horizon!
8.    And so anew each day the House of Hoor is reestablished.
9.    From my brow opens a fiery lotus-disc called RA. I am the Eye of Ra.
10.    My lover-son-father is emitted as a Ray descending unto the earth- this is HOOR – the Spiral of creation, the Hawk of Movement and Evolving.
11.    For I am the House of All Life, Love, Joy and Pleasure. I the Cow of the wide-lit sky, hovering over the Earth, the Horizon Mother of ten thousand years.
12.    At midday I bellow and hold the sun disc still, that Hoor may take pleasure in the incandescent dance of electrons, heart beats and bursts of life raining down from my glistening horns
13.    At sunset I wade slowly, inevitably, into the Eternal Nile, lowering the sun disc between my mighty pylon-horns into the Shadow home of Amenta, so Hoor may take his rest in my Soft star-filled arms and that the life-force may sleep and so be restored.
14.    At midnight I leap out as an arc of stars and love called NUT, bathing the world with the milk of Infinite Stars and Infinite Space jetting from my udder-
15.    And so, I gently swallow the sun disc- and so become the dark House of Shadows and the infinite ocean of stars and the infinite night as the boat of Keph-RA flows through my body –and then- I feel the Love of Hoor who, slumbering, becomes Hard and Awake, filling me with the Hidden Star, the secret life beyond life.
16.    And so I become full with Child who is Father to Self in the invisible night.
17.    As the  green gold-red-blue light fills the East, I return a New Goddess, that of the Eastern Horizon; The Lady of the Mountains and Goddess of the Pylons of the Eastern Firmament.
18.    Giving birth to the new life-day, I emerge from the infinite waters and again raise my mighty horns and again push the sun disc up and up, bursting forth light, again emerging into the world of men- and so the eternal return.
19.    I was before all.
20.    I am Mother Sister Wife- joined together with wrist-bonds, linked in a chain of life in the Great Walled garden. Beautiful are we, and we await your freeing hand. Now, the bindings are broken!
21.    I am the Wise Black Woman dressed in flowing Emerald, keeper of the Temple-Palace-House. I descend the massive stairs as the Royal One, intimate love in my eyes. For I am the progenetrix, the mother of the human race.
22.    Not symbol, but real. I am the First Woman Homo Sapiens who brought forth all flowing humanity from my womb, originating in the heart of the river delta, in the heart of Mother Africa. This is genetic truth.
23.    I take many forms  to sustain my Children-
24.    As Cow Mother I give;
25.    Flesh for food
26.    Milk for nourishment
27.    Skin for clothing
28.    Waste for fire
29.    And the horns on my head for the archetypal tools and instruments- the wand, the dagger, the cup and my bones are the foundation of the Earth.
30.    From my horns, drink Pleasure!
31.    My horns protect the clan from beast and man.
32.    From my horns, shape tools to create and write, plow and mark.
33.    From my horns fashion the trumpet and sistrum of joy to announce the joy of life!
34.    I am the First Goddess of Kingship and unity of clan, for all true kings and queens are HORUS and I am the House of Heru.
35.    I am the original temple, the first shrine, the primal shelter of god and human, existing to protect and nourish the spark of the divine which fell from the Heavens so long ago! I am the first, the arch of the eternal sky .
36.    Every woman is the House of Hoor, every man is Hoor. Both are both and both are neither for the point IS the circle and both are one in the dance of life.
37.    As the House of Hoor I am stability and so the cornerstone of root-culture, the possibility of community- the avatar of town, city, state and country and Comity of mankind. 
38.    For the nomad settled and became a Place and Being because I gave of my flesh and milk and bone asking nothing but the joy, pleasure, love and ecstasy of giving.
39.    Listen to the bells, the strings, the sistrums!
40.    I am the pleasure girl dancing in my Temple, filled with the perfume of the blue lotus, naked, bejeweled, in a constant trance of pleasure and so giving sweet pleasure to all. THIS is worship!
41.    I am eternally dancing for my lord Horus and I pour the many wines and beers for his pleasure as well, by the rules and games of my Temple, the intoxication is eternal!
42.    I am the sacred concubine in the hidden lotus pool, scented and voluptuous, awaiting your pleasure within the inner inner court of the palace. My brown eyes embrace and pull you into the warm waters of joy and pleasure and healing. Let me heal you, O HOOR!

43.    In war, I tend the wounds of the Warrior, bring peace to the fevered, bring happiness to the hopeless and eternally strive to bring nourishment to the starving. I rise and fall with the tide of spirit, the flooding and receding of the cosmic aeonic tides, the eternal stellar return and the rise and release of Mother Nile. But I am the eternal Star of the Flood, above all chaos. I am always the Mother, Lover and Wife.
44.    I am eternally present where the sky and earth mingle in the hush of dawn as Hoor opens Gate of I, his House, and so I am the guardian of all birth and new life and the continuity of generations.
45.    And when the Gates to the West are opened and life fades into the sands of the desert, I am there as well, with wings wrapped about my lord, I guide the way.
46.    When life passes into shadow, I am three beds:
47.    I am the bed of protection- flanked by the double lioness- a fierce protecting and banishing of dissolution- with a roar I scatter the demons of Amenta and unity is preserved- Sekhmet am I!
48.    And I am the bed of comfort, all surcease and succor, the abode of rest, renewal and peace in the grey land. And I raise up this bed wearing the crowns of Hathor and the golden discs of life shining in Amenta upon you am I. Whispering – - - remember- renew- reawaken-
49.    And when your time is nigh and the bandages are cut away by Anubis and the life force descends as a Bennu bird with a man’s head upon your static being and the Feather and Heart are joined as ISA mates with ASAR in my holy of holies, then I am the bed of TA-URT, the roaring hippopotamus Goddess of Birth. With my roar and charge, the bed shifts, becomes the boat of RA, emerges from my Hut-Hathor yoni!
50.    And the heart bursts forth and the sun rises. Those who lay upon the three beds, the KA and BA and KHU become as on in the great unifying light called KHABS- as shade and winged light and star from beyond all the world is again conjoined as a CHILD
51.    As HOOR!
52.    As the hawk of dawn. And so you are again thrust out of my House, my nest, my arms- to flutter and fall and, finally, fly on new wings
53.    Into a new life of flesh incarnate- and so are given another chance at love, pleasure, joy and prosperity-
54.    For I only want these things for you, for they are my worship and have been throughout the ages wherever intoxication and pleasure and joy are seen as honoring the divine!
55.    Dance, play music, make passionate love, drink with intricate pleasure and intoxicate yourself as only I can provide- for this world is the House of Hoor, the house of uttermost delight-- laugh, rejoice, play, create, work with joy in your work- In my name!
56.    Thus the round of illusion and the ephemeral is play and pleasure and above all Love in My House- as the Cow Mother I patiently love you, give all to you and sustain you even when you know it not.

57.    When the protective Mother is aroused, I become Sekhmet and become the Other of war and disease and blood and pain and the roar of drunkenness and insanity rather than the Lady of sibilant intoxication and rapture. But there is no division, for without spice, the feast is bland and tasteless, without darkness and death and decay, joy and pleasure and life are meaningless.
58.    Release the hawk within you!  and so-
59.    Become HOOR!
60.    And so-
61.    Reside in my House, for there you dwell already.
62.    Now the four sons of Horus surround my House, the 4 doors to my Palace are guarded and the Hawk of this Aeon alights upon the pinnacle of the Temple. A hush fall across the pyloned halls; the lotus and papyrus flowers entwine and knot together and become one.
63.    Within the heart of the Shrine is a light most strange, beyond the light of the Sun, my right eye-
64.    Beyond the light of the Moon, my left eye-
65.    Beyond the star light that pierces the sun disc of RA between my horns
66.    Like an arrow of diamond
67.    Beyond all these
68.    Is the new silence
69.    That glows
70.    And a secret
71.    Of knowing and Truth
72.    For indeed, I am the EYE of RA incarnate!
73.    The ruins are dancing with a new tune
74.    The crumbled spells in the tombs crackle with a new electricity
75.    The chants of old Khem
76.    Return from the far reaches of space, for nothing is lost and all is renewed
77.    And the Invisible House still stands and now reemerges from the war-ravaged smoke and fire of a soulless age
78.    The House of Hoor still stands and becomes visible again, a shimmering vision above the ruins, as love of the Mother returns to the hearts that before were empty, searching and listless. As the silent pain of the cow is seen and acknowledged and the voices of the trees and animals are, ever so faintly, once again heard. Again humanity turns to the Earth, and , again, the veil is parted and the music once forgotten is heard again by the few and aware.
79.    I, the House That Always Stands; The Great Mother Nature, called House of Hoor, am doing what has never been done.
80.    I am giving birth again to my Self as my lover/son soars- crying the shrill scream, tearing and clawing open the Womb of Horror in blood and violence and the peal of thunder echoes and lightening is striking my upraised pillar-horns-
81.    So that I may again reestablish myself, the Kaaba, the Shrine
82.    The tomb and womb
83.    Temple and Great House
84.    Of the Light that shines now.
85.    I was and am called by many names and their images flow from me and within me; Isis, MA, Sekhmet, Ta-urt, Nebhet, Serk, Maat, Neith and, when RA commands it, I become NUT and she becomes I: Hut-hoor!  Eternal mother am I, it is only I who show the Full Face, and without me there is no Birth of Aeon, no renewal, no pleasure, or joy, or love and, especially, there is no rebirth.
86.    I am the House of Hoor, the invisible and ever-changing house that ever stands, I am the house whose roof is the sky, whose walls are the four corners of the world and whose floor is the basis of all life. I am the earth and embody all the changes within my crucible womb of evolution. 
87.    I ever stand strong, defiant, powerful and patient, as a cow Goddess spanning the heavens, the disc of the sun shining forth within/between my mighty horns.
88.    Above the horizon of the East and in the hearts of every man and woman awakening to the Truth of joy and pleasure of love & will
89.    For each one now is HOOR the child and the House of Hoor manifest, which is the Universe aware.
90.    Dance in pleasure!
92.    So be it.
93.    The doors of the House of Hoor now close as the ruins sing the new song and the sun of Hoor is uplifted in the lotus of every heart.

-AION- Cairo/Giza 3/26/06