Horus Maat


The Book of Shakti–Babalon

Shakti/Devi by Aion

Via Aion- ‘In Absu’- Deep Pacific Ocean- off Alaska ­ 5/30/01

This Book is Opened
With the Seed of the Sun and the Kalas of the Moon
Conjoined in Bliss.

The Image is that of the Yoni Yantra (Inverse Triangle with Centerpoint)
The points are:

Knowledge     Action

The center Bindu-point is Love Eternal,  uttered from the Moment of Creation as:


This is the Key that opens every Door and the Feather found upon every shore.

Upon the Endless Sea with no ending and no limit
floats the preceived Atman of Consciousness
And the Goddess takes this gently up onto her palm, embraces it to her breast
And it becomes her Lord & Chela
And so she begins the teaching, the mystery of Shakti-Babalon,
a Pearl split in two and hidden as halves in the mists of East and West.

Her Palm closes & opens and Lo! The Pearl is conjoined
and the mystery revealed a
nd upon the fathomless ocean the Mother of All Waters begins her Tantra:

“Know that my worship is of Flesh
All else is abstract, obtuse and as dust.
Flesh of Flesh is sacred to me
My Yoni
And Stars:
The points of Connection & the Wheels of Configuration of release”

A lotus rises from the Primal Ocean & Blooms in a glory of sunrise colors.
Upon it enthroned is the Faceless Goddess who begins to speak:

“Who does not particularize my rapturous mystery worships me thus as Veiled Isis and creatrix of light.
Joyful and worthy, this Image of Goddess serves to instruct, inspire & guide
But of Magick, it speaks not.”

A Mirror in female form appears, it is of itself the Great Goddess
and reflections of All Things spiral within it as she speaks:

“Sex in all its infinite forms is Shakti as restless and endless as the Ocean about you
As the tidally-sparked blood within your Flesh
Ever flowing, ever seeming to encompass All Things
Ever filling and settling into All Spaces
Sex is my Mantra, my Spell, My Siren Cry
And it is I who always answer this cry,
it is the glory of my Flesh that suffuses the Mystery
And the release of Orgasm that calms the turbulent Ocean that is also I.
You see me as a Mirror Image of All,  so as to mate with me
And so become whole.
Mystery of Anima & Animus
Flesh & Spirit
Nu & Hadit
And the restless Shakti ripples
Called Heru
Pan & Babalon reveal this age-old Mystery
As do Shiva & Shakti
Yin & Yang
And every archetypal dyad eternally mating
Into One
Great Ocean of Bliss
This is the Teaching of All Schools, All Mysteries, All Faiths;
though Isis has been veiled and Sophia’s Flame hidden and the wonders of Fatima buried in the sands.
The Aeon-old drive of Sex
Enthrones & goads the species
And so I offer the Key to your liberation!
Self reflected Self
Union & United:

The barrier is gone!”

The Mirror-image flows into drops of watery liquid falling & swirling into a brilliant Chalice…

” Now the Hidden Teaching, long divided, for what is spoken in your Cells you know.
The Mystic worships me as All and dissolves into Prima Materia and is content-
For I am Tao & embrace All as the endless Ocean.
Ah! But Magickians must worship my Mystery in/with Flesh, in Human Image
In the sacred rites of Tongue & Hand & Eye & Phallus & Yoni
In Juices and Pleasures with a mind focused on OM.
Flesh is here the Key, Flesh upon Flesh in Joy Unutterable
Such Union of Shiva & Shakti
Calms the Ocean of Samsara
And so reveals the depths wherein reside the Mystery of Mysteries you seek
For every particle of Self, every thought & dream, idea, image and ghostly desire
Must be poured into my Chalice, my Grail, my Cauldron
Until Naught but ashes of ashes remain- soon these too are gone-
In this way One may GO.
So the Mysteries of Shakti-Babalon have been elucidated
Here and elsewhere- for nothing is truly New
But- this is only half the Pearl.
A Key was lost from the West
When the Mystery was split
And what was missing to many is now revealed:”

The Image changes to that of a beautiful woman who is all women who have ever been ­ she walks forward, shifting & changing, a whirlwind of changing faces, energy & color- she is Anima…

” For All Women are Shakti-Babalon as All men are PanShiva,
yet restlessly seeking me in many women merely begins the Great Work,
over & over,
while never bringing it to fruition!
Herein is the true mystery, the second half of the Pearl:
The fiery ignition of Sex is only the beginning, the Prologue & Invocation of my Being-
The True Ritual unto me is one of years & years- Flesh Transmuting Flesh
Mind Transmuting Mind
Spirit Transmuting Spirit
Turning Dross into Gold: Mine Alchemy.
In one night of sexual bliss is the Work completed? Think you so?
It demands a lifetime of lifetimes measured in devotion & dedication
For my Throne is the Mountain top, I am a Goddess of Yoga (Union)
I must be sought after through trials & ordeals
I must be wooed
I must be honored, treasured, worshipped: Adored!
And I demand ALL as Pan is ALL
For offering nothing short of ALL will win you the Wish Fulfilling Gem.
So- the Teaching lost from the West is one of Patience, of Uniting over Years.
A Shakti/Shakta is not forged from a brief flame of lust imposed upon any person one would pleasure with
Shakti is Self in Flesh, the Key to all your Works
Mate & Materia Magicka for your Magnum Opus
As such I am the Alchemical Furnace of Time, the Alembic cherished for a lifetime
And beyond.”

Now comes the image of Heiros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage: Yin united with Yang, male & Female conjoined in a brilliant vision of Yab Yum mating, they meld and become one bright image…

” To come unto Shakti-Babalon, one must give All,
Not just a bit of seed and a few words of power!
You of the West know little of True giving, of letting GO and surrendering Self!
I demand ALL of your Mind, Spirit & Flesh in my pyre!
All of your Time
Actions & Desires
All of your Material & Esoteric Wealth
All of your Thoughts, Prayers & Rites
Until you are wholly mine in EVERY respect
And so
I am wholly yours!”

There is an  image of ending ­ open Ocean under an Open Starry Sky

” In your blood are the tireless legends
Beginning is my Endless Space & Waters
And so in The End.
Devote yourself to me
With Knowledge, Will & Action
United in the Total Love which is my Essence
Devote yourself to ONE
For as PAN is ALL, Shakti is always ONE
For I am NONE indeed.
SHE who is Shakti incarnate will find you who are unworthy
When you show a glimmering of worthiness.
Woo her, honor her, worship her
Care for her, adore her
Deck her in jewels, fine garments & regale her with endless presents & praises-
For she is YOUR Shakti
YOUR grail
YOUR Babalon
The Key to YOUR transformation!
She is the Alchemical Furnace of your Work
and the Key to uncovering All Mysteries!
This is REAL, Flesh, no abstract symbol or ideal!
She is YOUR Goddess and You are Her God
(O Man! Woman has this Book writ in monthly blood and
the sighs of her rejection- she needs not words to unveil the Truth- she IS the Truth)
You shall transmute each other through Sex & Union
Rituals & Sorrows
Fighting & Loving
Play & Work
And in this Dance you will BECOME Lila- the PLAY of the Cosmos
Prakriti- the Energy Storm of Creation
Prana- the Winds of Life & Power behind All.
You will become the Primordial SHIVA & SHAKTI and so attain enlightenment!

There is a last image as all fades….the divine Yoni Yantra descending triangle…. becoming the Ocean…

“All Flesh is my Flesh and all Magick is my Flesh
All Goddesses are Women and All Women is A Woman.
If Shakti-Babalon is not Enthroned in your Bed
Your Home
Your Work
Your Life
Your Thoughts, Dreams & Death
Then she is NOT
And you are merely playing with Shadows of yourself
Cast upon MY Ocean of Bliss
With a touch of my hand
They are gone
And you awake
To my Laughter!”

This Book is Sealed
With the tongues of Shiva/Shakti entwined
About the Elixir of Union: OM


First Commentary:

For many years I and other magickians have debated the worth of monogamy, polygamy, polyandry etc. etc. and the variations of core relationships as magickal methods of attainment and new aeonic ways of life. Thelemites, being an ornery bunch as a whole, tend to argue for more open relationships. Yet there are evolutionary patterns that have programmed Homo Sapiens into what recent social scientists calls ‘serial monogamy’ or ‘open monogamy.’ Why? It seems that on a functional level (and emotional in terms of hormones, patterns etc.) children are the key. As specialized animals with lengthy gestation periods, some sort of at least short-term monogamy seems to be somewhat necessary to insure the survival of the off-spring, or so the scientists tell us.
 This interests me less than the question of the Magickal functions of the dyad- Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang etc. 2=0 as it were.  This matter is NOT determined by what the outward flesh manifests, biological men, women or other. It seemed to me that there was a SPIRITUAL and MAGICKAL reflex to this social ‘serial monogamy’ ­ or was there? Isn’t the creation of the ‘magickal child’ of alchemy important? If one follows Tantra (and I do) or believes that Sexual Alchemy is key to Magick (and most of you do, I would guess) then this question goes right to the heart of what a magickal relationship means as a mode of assisting growth, liberation & enlightenment. I have puzzled over this for decades until I finally threw the question out to the void of the Goddess and forgot about it.
 I recently took a cruise to Alaska up the inland passage (never mind the particulars and, yes, you should be jealous). After a particularly charged ritual with my wife & Shakti, out in the open ocean of the Arctic, out of sight of land, I lapsed into a trance and received the book you have just read. It seems to answer the question, at least for me. I hope you find it of interest.
 Clearly it is mostly directed at male magickians- it states that women …’has this Book writ in monthly blood and  the sighs of her rejection- she needs not words to unveil the Truth- she IS the Truth’
So, guys, this one if for you. Women don’t need to be told this stuff- they KNOW it. They hold the Grail. Since most magickal women will gladly admit that most men are clueless, I’ll leave it there.
Comments, as always, welcome
Om Hrim Shakti-Babalon Namah Svaha!
-Aion 6/01

Commentary 2:


The book is opened with a tantrik ceremony, the Kalas are manifested in a sexual rite invoking the Goddess, there is particular focus and balance to this moment in that sun and moon are conjunct in fire (a symbol of tantrik gnosis) and the Three Shaktis are manifest- knowledge, will, action -  the three forces balanced in Tantrika.

Here a confluence of Thelemic, Tantrik & Maatian (the feather!) magicks.

It begins like a standard Tantra, the Goddess addresses Shiva, as the Atman or HGA of the scribe,  and gives a teaching. The vast arctic sea is here the body of her ­ infinite & somewhat a manifestation of Binah…but only as a gate for the wisdom of Shaktiyogini.

The central image is that of the Atman or OM, the being-less Center of all seen as a Pearl- yet the pearl (Tao) splits and is rejoined- Yin & Yang manifest, then fuse- to what purpose?

Flesh (this real life) is what we have to work with- all magick MUST manifest in flesh- i.e.: as real, or it is mere fantasy.

2=0 is the central teaching of all faiths, when all is stripped away.

Why? Because Other is Shakti and union with Other reveals all mysteries. The biological model is Man & Woman, heiros gamos, the sacred marriage- but  this is only an allegory in flesh, the reality is 2=0, and the Other (whatever sex) is the Mystery…

All women are Goddess, all men God- yet they are really our outward masks- sex between Yin & Yang is merely the beginning of this shakti-fire, the real mystery of the union of 2=0 is much more sublime: it is the full union of 2 people over years, through layers, deeper than levels and levels as these too are penetrated as 2 stars become binary then 1 and so attain none. It is the merging of two Spirits as two atoms merge unleashing the power of a big bang.

And thus is found the Grail, the Cauldron, The Great Letting Go. In the Other ego can be released, the Other manifests as the Goddess who Is All (Malkuth the Bride, Prakriti, the formless form of the universe)

A.O.Spare says “Die Daily” and this is the secret here, but more as in ‘let go daily’ into the heart of the Other, the supreme Bhakti of love, lovers, loving.

And this is SO not theoretical or academic; it is the ceaseless toil of a relationship, of the alchemy of dreaming, conversing, playing, working things out with another, of becoming a dyad (or a series of dyads!), as each binary is a long-term initiation of Shiva/Shakti.

And this long-term loving 2=0 Bhakti working will result in Awakening, and it is a path full of struggle, but also full of Laughter. To truly Love another and be Loved in return is the Greatest Magick.
The Goddess Shakti-Babylon is a pairing motion in the flow of evolution, but not only for the obvious reasons! There is a bonus! Liberation!
- 3/04- Aion